No Time to Say Hello, Goodbye . . .

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This is 1) a late Sunday check-in or 2) an early Wednesday check-in. Since I’m an optimist, I go for Option 2.

So, just where am I with my goals?


Two projects – done (I hope)

Two others – getting close (In fact, one of these should be done today [Tuesday].)

Fifth project – planning to go over a chapter a second time and give more detailed advice to my client


Monday Motivation (weekly) – on track, though I would like to get some written and stashed away for the next few weeks

Kimberley Payne’s blog (weekly – more or less) – I plan to get a post to Kimberley Tuesday or Wednesday and then work ahead to give me a jumpstart on the New Year.

Steph Beth Nickel – I must, must, must begin to update my website regularly, including adding a blog page.

SNEI (you are here) – I have guest posts tucked away from other bloggers. I really must continue to post them and plan ahead for posts of my own.


I’ve begun a number of books (both fiction and non-). It’s time to motor through and get them read – and post book reviews.


Yay! I’ve made a jumpstart on my goal for 2014 (The Year of the Great De-Clutter).

I’ve transferred our DVDs into the cabinet our son gave us for Christmas and put out the VCR tapes (yes, we still have some) to give my family a chance to claim those they don’t want me to sell (tee hee)/give away/toss.

I’ve organized our music CDs – and came across the soundtrack for The Nativity Story. What great motivation! (I really should write and edit to music all the time.) (By the way, I love the song Labor of Love. Powerful!)

Knowing I have a plan for the year to come makes it easy to look at the excess and not be annoyed. It will get done.


Finish getting shopping and wrapping – I’m getting close.

Write a Christmas poem and distribute it to family and friends – I used to do this all the time, but it has been awhile. Hopefully it gets done again the year.

Write and mail Christmas cards – I purchased some beautiful ones. I best get at it.

Wishing You Christmas Wonder and New Year’s Blessings

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8 thoughts on “No Time to Say Hello, Goodbye . . .

  1. I love ROW80 because it not only gives us a chance to state our goals, but it helps us realize if we’ve bitten off more than we can chew!
    Is it really less than two weeks until Christmas? Eep!

  2. Ack, I still need to get Christmas cards….auuugh…

    Good luck with the shopping and the wrapping…oh geeze, I need to get wrapping paper too. All we have right now is a roll of Justin Bieber paper that we’re wrapping the girlfriend’s niece’s gift in as a joke.

  3. You’ve done a lot this week! Good for you for keeping up with decluttering – I let that one go a while back. Maybe I’ll get back at it after New Years. I have to get on my cards, and soon – and still have gifts to buy – yikes!

    • I made a quick list and realized I should have no problem decluttering over the course of the year . . . all things being equal, but we know that can change in a hurry.

      Have a blessed Christmas season.

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