Online Hangouts & ROW80 Check-In

Here are a half dozen of my favourite places to hang out online …

Bible Gateway

Compel Training for Christian writers and speakers

The Creative Penn for writers

PicMonkey and Pixabay for creating memes, headers, and graphics of all descriptions

Toby Mac’s YouTube Channel for encouragement, motivation, and a reason to chair dance

And, of course, there’s Facebook, but if you know me at all, that goes without saying. (grin)

ROW80 Check-In

Spiritual Disciplines

Daily prayer & Bible study

Professional Disciplines

Re-read client’s fantasy story to make sure it lines up with the hero’s journey

Make final changes to second client’s story

Other Writing-Related Disciplines

Write 3 HopeStreamRadio devos; record 7

Post 1-2 additional posts here and 1 on my website

InScribe pro blog post

Complete one module of my fiction-writing course

Physical Disciplines

Challenges with Laura, my accountability buddy

Exercise to a workout video 2-3x

Get to the gym 1-3x

Get 7 hours of sleep each night

Plan & prepare healthy meals

Limit sweet intake

Increase water intake

Mental Health Disciplines

Spend less time on social media

Spend time with my hubby each day

Spend time with my daughter

Connect with my sons and daughter-in-law

Read for pleasure 15-30 minutes/day

Go for 2-4 photo walks/month

Connect with family who live beyond the walls of my home 3-5x/week

Hometending Disciplines

Clean, organize, & declutter 4+ hours

Taking Time to Breathe

I know I’ve shared this song before, but it seems appropriate since my hubby and I had a mini vacation Sunday and Monday at Niagara-on-the-Lake to celebrate our 34th anniversary. Sometimes you need to take the time to just breathe.


Below is my A Round of Words in 80 Days check-in. You can check out how others in the challenge are doing here:

The Good News

Last week was highly productive. I didn’t get everything done on my Do It Already List, but I did make significant strides in the right direction. And I read lots. I love that!

Especially Good News

I’m extremely close to being on schedule with the devotionals for HopeStreamRadio. If I upload four this week and three from here on out, I’ll stay that way. It has been since April that I’ve been this far ahead.

Looking Ahead

This week the plan is to …

~ re-read several chapters of my client’s fantasy novel and make sure it jives with “the hero’s journey” outline

~ create a blog schedule / schedule for my website

~ get my notes on pp. 100-276 fired off to my friend who asked me to be one of her beta readers. Such an honour!

~ read lots

~ spend time with my hubby and my daughter

~ spend more time in prayer and Bible study




Motivation Found

Espresso CoverEach week I love spending time with Rhonda Rhea and a number of other wonderful ladies on Facebook, chatting about Rhonda’s books. Right now we’re learning how to “espresso our faith.” You’re welcome to join us for Faith-Pump Fridays even if you don’t have the book.

Online chats. Audiobooks. Podcasts. Physical books. These have all motivated me this past week.

I’m also motivated by participating in challenges such as A Round of Words in 80 Days. ROWers share their writing, editing, and other goals and encourage one another to keep moving forward. Continue reading “Motivation Found”

In Search of Motivation

Oh, I have lots of motivation … on paper. Just take a look at my newest To Do List titled “Do It Already.” But I’ve been weary. In fact, I spent much of Friday sleeping. The heat maybe? (For all of you who live near the equator and are productive … KUDOS! I have no idea how you do it.)

I did get a fair amount done, including crossing some things off my Procrastination List (YAY!), and I got hooked on online teaching and audiobooks.

Although I don’t care for horror, Stephen King’s book On Writing is as one of the best on the subject, so say many industry professionals. I listened to the 7+-hour reading by King himself. He has a unique perspective on many areas of the craft of writing and I learned some new things. Plus, he shares much of his own story, and being relationship-driven, this drew me in. (If you’ve heard Stephen King give an interview, you won’t be surprised that the book includes some “language.”)

Have you listened to any good books lately?

Now here’s that Do It Already List I mentioned:

Spiritual Disciplines

~ begin & end each day with prayer; prayer journal 3-5x/week

~ study the Scriptures 5x/week (continue working my way through the book of Romans)

~ memorize Romans 12

~ work my way through Ted Dekker’s The Forgotten Way, choosing one truth & one scripture passage that “hits home” from each meditation

~ discuss a chapter from the Bible with Dave 3x/week

~ discuss Shaunti Feldhahn’s The Life Ready Woman with my daughter every week or two

Professional Disciplines

~ review changes Client #1 made to her manuscript (almost done with this one)

~ work on Client #2’s manuscript 5x/week

~ work with Client #3 as she’s able

~ begin edits for Clients #4 & # 5 when I receive their work

~ work on Deb’s book 3+ hours/week

~ clean the church 5 hours/week

Other Writing-Related Disciplines

~ write & upload 5 devotionals for HopeStreamRadio every week from now until the end of August

~ begin to post 2 additional posts here and 1 on my website each week

~ post on each InScribe blog at least 1x/month

~ guest post monthly on Christian Editing Services “This & That for Writers,” Kimberley Payne’s, and Janet Sketchley’s blogs

~ complete one module of my fiction-writing course per week

Physical Disciplines

~ get back into the ab challenge I’ve been doing with my accountability partner

~ exercise to a workout video 2-3x/week

~ get to the gym 1-3x/week

~ get 7 hours of sleep each night

~ plan & prepare healthy meals

~ limit sweet intake

~ increase water intake

Mental Health Disciplines

~ spend time with my hubby each day

~ read for pleasure 15-30 minutes/day

~ go for 2-4 photo walks/month

~ connect with family who live beyond the walls of my home 3-5x/week

Hometending Disciplines

~ clean, organize, & declutter 4+ hours/week

How about you? What do you do when you’re lacking motivation? 

ROW80 Check-In Plus

Unanswered questions … I have many. Even so, I choose to focus on what is beautiful.

I hope you enjoy Dan Bremnes, “Beautiful.”

ROW80 Check-In

All Things Writing-Related


Six devotionals for HopeStreamRadio

InScribe blog post

Figure out what I’m going to do about blogging here and on my website


Complete final proofread of one client’s manuscript

Assist a second client fit the first half of her fantasy story into a hero’s journey format (Because of the length, we’ve decided to make it two books. So it requires some reworking.)


Begin research for Still Living Beyond My Circumstances, the follow-up book to Paralympian Deb Willows’s memoir

Skills Development

I signed up quite awhile ago for a fiction writing course. I would like to complete at least one module each week.


My plan is to read 15-30 minutes M-S for pleasure and at least one hour on Sunday

What beauty are you focusing on this week?


Keep Walkin’

In lieu of a ROW80 check-in this week, I offer this encouragement …

My heart goes out to those who are hurting as a result of the devastating events that were in the news this past week.

I can’t help but think of Matthew 9:35-36, which says, “And Jesus went throughout all the cities and villages, teaching in their synagogues and proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom and healing every disease and every affliction. When he saw the crowds, he had compassion for them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.” (emphasis mine)

Personally, I had no reason to be in a funk for part of the week, but I was. But so many had overwhelming reasons to throw up their hands and declare, “I give up.”

We desperately need the Good Shepherd. And when the evil threatens to immobilize us, we must keep walkin’.


A Fool & His Monet

A Fool and His MonetSandra Orchard’s best book to date. Seriously!

How do you write a lighthearted yet engaging and surprising mystery? I don’t know the answer, but Sandra does. Kudos!

Art theft. Murder. Blackmail. The mob. Authentic characters. Family dinners. And just a hint of romance. You’ll find it all within the pages of A Fool & His Monet.

Award-winning author Susan May Warren calls it “laugh out loud funny” and mystery author Lorena McCourtney advises readers to “be ready for a mind-spinning adventure.” I second both of these observations. Continue reading “A Fool & His Monet”