Isle of Skye

Last August ROW80 Check-In

The featured image of the Isle of Skye is thanks to My family and I will be there come next Sunday. How surreal is that!

Writing Goals

~ HopeStreamRadio contributions

I should have all the devotionals uploaded before bed tonight. If I write, record, and upload one per day (M-F) after I come home, I’ll be able to stay on track.

~ weekly posts for my website

I hope to do better once I return from the UK.

~ guest posts

I don’t think I’ve missed anyone. 

~ work on the novel that has been brewing for quite some time or possibly start a new project

I bought a new notebook and some pens to take on the plane. So between reading, writing, and napping, the six hours there and the seven hours back is planned.


~ write a poem for my son and future DIL

I need to have some quiet meditative time alone to work on this. Hopefully, I can make it happen.
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True Beauty and Healthy Living

I’ve decided to choose weekly themes for my posts on Facebook and Twitter and this week’s theme is true beauty.

I don’t think it has anything to do with physical appearance. And I certainly don’t believe our innate worth as human beings has anything to do with what we weigh, how shiny our hair, or how blemish-free our skin.

But truth be told, I would like to lose 25 pounds and have a flat stomach in addition to toned arms and legs. I almost feel hypocritical focusing on my appearance.

But that can’t be my excuse for not eating well and exercising regularly. After all, doing so has countless benefits.

Among them . . .

1. gain a more positive outlook

2. gain increased energy

3. develop the ability to think more clearly

4. develop the ability to work more efficiently

5. increase cardiovascular capacity (heart and lungs)

6. develop the ability to fend off disease

7. minimize the pain of arthritis (and aging)

8. get a more restful sleep

9. gain energy to keep up with our kids and grandkids

10. improve self-image (even before we start to see physical changes)

11. increase desire to make healthy choices

And last, if we exercise regularly and eat well, we will naturally discover our ideal weight and we won’t have to concern ourselves with the numbers on the scale.

Granted, these are not guaranteed results. Each of us is unique with different physical considerations, but if we can experience even one or two of these results, it should motivate us to get active and make healthy food choices.

Trust in the Lord Banner 2

August 16 ROW80 Check-In

Writing Goals

~ HopeStreamRadio contributions

The plan is to write 12 devotionals and 2 book reviews this week as well as record those in addition to the devotionals I wrote last week.

~ weekly posts for my website (some will be recycled works)

I did some experimenting with PicMonkey last week to create my own meme. I posted two versions on my website. Fun stuff!

~ guest posts

I’ve would like to write one and complete another this week.

~ work on the novel that has been brewing for quite some time or possibly start a new project

I bought a new notebook and some pens to take on the plane.
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ROW80 Check-In

Writing Goals

~ HopeStreamRadio contributions

I am seeking to find the healthy balance between accepting my limitations and pushing onward. Well, in this area, there is no more wiggle room, no more time for procrastinating. For the next three week, I have to write, record, edit, and upload 10 devotionals per week. I should also add one book review per week to that agenda.

~ weekly posts for my website (some will be recycled works)

I posted my “Anniversary Countdown” here and on my website. I won’t do that often, but I thought it was okay this time.

~ guest posts

I’m a little ahead in this area. Woohoo!
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Anniversary Countdown

IMG_9554See this guy? Well, as of 3:00 (or so) August 7, we will have been married 33 years.

To some of you that may seem like a very long time, but in some ways, it has gone by very quickly.

This year I thought I’d do a countdown of 33 reasons I’m glad to call Dave my hubby.

I’m so glad you’re mine, Mr. Nickel.

33. I knew from the time we first met that you’d always treat me like royalty . . . and you have.

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Eagle Flying 3

First Ever Post and ROW80 Check-In

Thought you might like to read my first blog post ever. It was originally published on free2soar on June 27, 2010.

Free to soar . . .


Riding the currents high above the ground

Like a magnificent hot air balloon

Or an eagle gliding effortlessly.

While I soar . . .

Do I unwittingly send others plummeting to the ground?

Do I entangle them in ropes that hinder their flight?

Or do I simply leave them where they are?


As this adventure takes to the sky,

May we all fly a little higher

And help others do the same.

. . . they who wait for the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint (Isaiah 40:31, ESV).
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Poem and Midweek Check-In


With renewed interest in my confessions of a horrible housekeeper posts, I decided to re-post this poem from 2011. Enjoy!

Watch very carefully.

Don’t blink or you’ll miss it.


Did you see it?

Oh, I’m sure you did.



One more time.

This time focus,

Really focus.


The dishes are clean,

The bed is made,

The laundry is caught up,

You can see the top of the table,

You can even find a chair to sit on,

The dusting is done . . . most of it.


You blinked.

Silly you.

Now the illusion is gone

And things are back to normal.

Silly, silly you.
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No Excuses ROW80 Check-In

No Excuse Sign

Note to Self

Writing Goals

~ Camp NaNo (10,000 words of fiction by month’s end)

If I write 750 words per day (M-F), I can hit my goal.

~ HopeStreamRadio contributions

I’ve kind of been spinning my wheels. I do not have a stockpile of recordings uploaded as I had planned. This week . . . no excuses!

~ weekly posts for my website (some will be recycled works)

Recycling it is.

~ guest posts

I’m on track but should plan to work ahead some.
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Sunshine for Rainy Days


Walking in the Rain

This was first published on Kimberley Payne’s blog.

Unlike some people I find the rain peaceful and soothing. However, it can put a damper (pardon the pun) on physical activity and other essentials of life.

Here are some fun tips for the four areas Kimberley covers here and on her podcast, where she calls it “the BEEP round”:
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