Dug Down Deep

This is one of those books about “the basics” of Christianity that challenges readers to slow down and really think. I found myself not only bookmarking where I left off each day, but also several pages that contained quotes I want to remember.

For those who think theology and doctrine are dry terms that only apply to academia, they may be surprised by Harris’s words: “…sound doctrine has to begin in a heart drawing close to Jesus.” I’m all about relationships, and it seems, from this statement, they’re important to the author as well.

Doctrine simply defined, according to Harris, is “the meaning of the story God is writing in the world.”

Hearts drawing close and meaningful stories don’t sound like dry subjects to me.

I could have said, “I already knew that” to many of the observations in Dug Down Deep. However, I’ve found there are those Ah Ha moments in life when I come to know something at a deeper level than before. There were a number of such moments as I read this book.

Salvation is God’s work. Christian growth means becoming more like Jesus. What we do is important, not just what we don’t do. As John Piper puts it, “The issue is not separating rules but consecrated hearts.” It’s vital that Christian brothers and sisters, the church, work together for the common goal of making Christ known.

Harris teaches these truths in a very down-to-earth, sit-across-the-table-from-the-reader kind of way. The book is very engaging, and I appreciated the author’s openness and honesty about his own shortcomings. (I’m not a huge fan of those who come across as “I’ve already arrived; hurry and catch up.”)

The book ends with a challenge to dig down deep into the truth of the Scriptures to discover who God is and what that means to us.

I received a free e-copy of Joshua Harris’s Dug Down Deep from Blogging for Books in exchange for this review. I’ve been alternating between fiction and non-fiction. I wonder what I’ll be reading next.

If you like to read and have a book review site (or are willing to start one), I encourage you to pop by http://waterbrookmultnomah.com/bloggingforbooks/ and join the fun. Those in the U.S. can receive hard copies. Those outside receive e-books.

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