Round of Words Check-In

Hello again, fellow ROWers…Thanks for stopping by.

I’ve gathered most of my blogs together on this one site. Many thanks to my good friend Lisa Hall-Wilson of for the suggestion.

Within the next two to three weeks, I should be done the first draft of Deb’s book. We’re hoping to hear from one of the publishers before the end of the year.

I spoke with the author of Manuscript #2. We agreed upon a few minor tweaks, and I will be done those – Lord willin’ and the crik don’t rise – by next Friday. (#wordmongering over at Twitter has helped me focus and push through. When I spend thirty minutes working on the manuscript, I usually get my daily quota pretty much done. I also use this challenge to work on my children’s chapbook manuscript. I’ve edited the first chapter and made a start on the second.)

Good news on the doula studies front…I read a long chapter in one of my texts on the way to my friend’s art show. Not to worry, my hubby was driving – not me. I was also able to get a fair amount of other reading done too, including a writing skills development chapter. Hooray!

Choosing a song of the week has gone by the wayside. Mind you, I may take it up again. Tomorrow is technically the start of a new week. I’ve had so many great suggestions, I really should follow-up.

Okay, so this is bad: I can’t remember if I exercised two or three times last week. At any rate, it should have been more.

I’ve taken up the challenge at So far this month, I’ve painted four pictures and written a poem I will be counting toward my creativity goals. Attending my friends art show provided lots of inspiration.

I also signed on for Picture Book Idea Month Challenge So far I’ve come up with fifteen ideas. Next year I may delve more seriously into writing for children. I’ll let you know what comes of that in our next Round.

I haven’t submitted an idea for publication yet, but the month is still young.

I look forward to popping by to say hi to some of you. (Alas, if I stopped by to say hi to all my fellow ROWers, I probably wouldn’t get my work done. So many contacts, so little time.)

Happy Writing…Editing…Publishing…etc. etc. etc.

4 thoughts on “Round of Words Check-In

  1. My! I am already impressed by the organization that you have towards your creative time–and more than a little jazzed that you’ve already done four (four!!) paintings.That’s fantastic!

    I’m an Agonizier, and I spend hours and hours working on anything that I do. I wish I could be that snappy in my own artwork! I’ve peeked over at Creative Everyday and
    Picture Book Idea Month per your links, and both ideas are fabulous. I kind of wish I’d known about these before setting my own host of goals for November. Well, they’re filed away to be contemplated and perhaps completed when I have another whole month of non-creative days confronting me.

    Thank you for popping by to say hi on the Dusty Journal; I’m more than hopeful to see what new things you have in store in the coming week.

    (I haven’t poked around the blog yet, but is there any chance of seeing at least one shiny new artwork a week? :D)

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by, Tracy. My plan is to have my daughter upload pics of my artistic endeavours once a week – hopefully, on Mondays. (For some reason, my computer doesn’t want to co-operate by actually reading my camera card.)

      One of the ladies in my writers group is also an Agonizer. I’ve told her many times if I took as much time mulling over a single word as she does, I would never, ever write a poem…or anything else for that matter. I have to say, however, I totally admire the care and thoughtfulness with which Agonizers approach each project. Amazing!

      Feel free to stop by anytime.

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