Sunday Check-in

I must be getting older. These check-ins seems to be coming closer and closer together. (grin)


I’ll look over Laura’s manuscript one more time when she has done a little more tweaking.

Carolyn’s manuscript is done…well, sort of. We are discussing the possibility of dramatizing her story. It probably won’t take as much work as she thinks. She was surprised when I offered to do it for her.

Work continues on Deb’s book.

If we divide the responsibilities, I will continue as First Editor of the news bulletin.


Hoping to finish Deb’s final chapter by next Friday. 

The plan is to complete the essay and research paper for my doula certification course by the end of January. Every time I hear of a baby being born, I think of how I want to do my part to educate and encourage new moms. This is my motivation.

I best get serious about writing my children’s chapbook. After all, I did get an enthusiastic response from the acquisitions editor. That really should be enough to propel me forward. 

I intend to write at least two picture books per month. I wrote one this past week. Yay!

I’ve tweaked my blogging schedule. So far, I’m on schedule – well, pretty much.


I plan to submit at least four ideas every other month. I have one ready to go. Perhaps, I’ll fire it off to a few places this weekend.


Skills Development – complete one book, or the equivalent, every other month. I’m looking forward to reading the most recent copy of Writer’s Digest. It’s all about submitting your work.

Reading for my course – to be done by the end of February. Now that my son is back at college, I should be able to devote more time to finishing this up.

Blogging for Books – read a book each month (I usually alternate between fiction and non-fiction.) I’ve downloaded my next book and should be able to read it easily in a couple of weeks. (I have thirty days to post my review.)

Booksneeze – I have my first book, but I’m not sure I can set aside enough time every month to read two books. I plan to finish reading  The Soul Reader and post my review this weekend. I love my Kobo.

Volunteer Work

I hope to get things posted on the Write! Canada conference site as they come in. I tried to work on this Thursday night, but my computer was being a stinker. Hopefully, it cooperates this weekend.

Exercise & Fitness

Scheduled two workouts with my w/o buddy. It’s a start.

Row Specific Goals

Check in twice per week. on target

Stop by fellow ROWers’ sites every Monday or Thursday. I’ve got to do better.

Continue connecting with my writing buddy regularly. must be more deliberate



5 thoughts on “Sunday Check-in

  1. Ruth Nestvold

    Wow, that’s a ton of projects to keep track of, Steph! Ambitious, but hopefully fun too.

    Good luck, and have a great week. 🙂

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