Procrastination Continues to Lose Ground

Procrastination is trembling in its boots, but still hasn’t turned tail and run quite yet.


I’m working on Laura’s rewrite. This go-through, possibly the last, should be done by the end of the week.

Deb is positively giddy that this may very well be the year Living Beyond My Circumstances becomes available to the public. She and I have been working on her memoir for quite a while now. It has been – and continues to be – an honour to co-write this amazing woman’s memoir.

We’re still looking for someone to join the team, but I’m settling into the position of First Editor for the Write! On news bulletin (available to members of The Word Guild).


I have a little tweaking to do of Deb’s manuscript. Plus, I’ll add another anecdote or two after getting her point form notes.

I intend to complete the essay this weekend and work on my research paper this coming week. I also intend to divide up the open book exam into bite size pieces so I can get it done by mid-February at the latest. FYI, I was asked to be a young woman’s doula. Her EDD (estimated due date, aka guess date) is mid-August. I’m SO excited.

Have I mentioned that my self-imposed deadline to complete the first draft of my children’s chapbook is June 30? Well, it is. So there, procrastination, I’ve set a deadline. Start trembling!

I intended to write at least two picture books per month. I’m thinking I can write one short manuscript per week or two longer ones per month. So far, procrastination has been badly wounded in this area.

The blogging goes well. And thanks to opening up to guest bloggers – and these ROW80 check-ins (or checks-in) – traffic is increasing. Thank you, all!


So as not to make procrastination feel totally rejected…


Skills Development – Not part of the routine – yet!

Reading for my course – to be done by the end of February. On target.

Blogging for Books – It’s going well.

Booksneeze – Looks like I am going to be able to read two books per month. Have I mentioned I love my Kobo? (rhetorical question, btw)

Volunteer Work

I hope to get things posted on the Write! Canada conference site as they come in. I’m getting to be quite proficient at using and posting pics to the site. There’s an interview set and ready to go, and I may be conducting an interview with a guest lecturer in the near future. Things are going to get busier as the conference draws closer.

Exercise & Fitness

I worked out with my w/o buddy twice this past week and plan to do so again next. I intend to do resistance training today and cardio tomorrow. Hopefully, by Monday I can convince myself to pop in a DVD every morning. I know I’ll feel better and be more productive. Procrastination, you’re on notice.

Row Specific Goals

Check in twice per week. on target

Stop by fellow ROWers’ sites every Monday. (I’ve changed my goal to once rather than twice per week. That should help.) I’m doing better.

Continue connecting with my writing buddy regularly. It’s informal, but it’s happening.



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