Goals Added

Time to make a few additions…


That’s not a fancy term for something else. I mean literal housekeeping.

Because I hosted our writers’ group this week, I spent Monday morning cleaning. Shocker, I know.

Since I enjoy a tidy home – but rarely make it a priority – I’m putting this out there: I will spend significant time at least one day per week working around my home.

Eek! Now I’m accountable. What am I thinking?

Bad Habit

I’m ready to put a 40+-year-old bad habit to rest. There, I’ve said it. (Pow! Another defeat for procrastination.)

And now on to writing-related topics…


I’m a little behind schedule on Laura’s edit  but I should still be done by the end of the week.

I’m enjoying my position as First Editor of Write! On, but until we find a person to post to the website, I should probably set aside a little time each week to do so.


I have the notes to finish up the first draft of Deb’s boo The plan is to have the last chapter and an additional appendix written by the time we talk on Friday afternoon.

With everything else, I’m not sure I’ll get

My children’s chapbook is patiently awaiting my attention.

I haven’t written a picture book this week, but it’s only Wednesday.

I’m a little behind with my blogging, but nothing too significant.


Since the plan is to submit every other month, perhaps I’ll leave this until the end of February. We’ll see.


Skills Development – not really

Reading for my course – a tiny bit behind

Blogging for Books – reading

Booksneeze – reading Sunrise on the Battery

Volunteer Work

First interview posted on Write! Canada website. The staff page should go live next week.

Work on the Write! On news bulletin is pretty much on schedule.

Exercise & Fitness

Worked out Tuesday morning, and it felt great. Will work out with my workout buddy at least once this week and plan to workout on my own three more times.

I’ve taken the Push-up Challenge. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Row Specific Goals

Check in twice per week. on target

Stop by fellow ROWers’ sites every Monday or Thursday. Looks like Thursday this week.

Continue connecting with my writing buddy regularly. Julie’s the bestest!

When you don’t feel like writing…



10 thoughts on “Goals Added

  1. showard76

    Intrigued – what is the 40+ year old bad habit you are kicking to the kerb!? enquiring minds wanna know! lol
    Looks like you’re getting on fine – not sure I would dare add a housekeeping goal – I’m a neat freak as it is, if I set myself goals on housework I would never do anything but clean and tidy! lmao 😉

    1. You win the prize (yet to be determined – giggle, giggle) for being the first to ask. I pick. There I said it. If my lips are dry… If my skin is itchy… If my skin is dry, even if it isn’t itchy – and it’s not because my skin is usually dry, nothing a regular strength moisturizer wouldn’t fix. Who knew ROW would be the place I didn’t try to minimize its hold on me? It has all the earmarks of any bad habit, so it’s about time I quit. After all, 2012 is my personal Year of No Excuses.

  2. RJ Appel

    I’ve decided to emulate the ROWers and set some specific goals; writing daily in particular. since I rarely sit down to write deliberately, my goal is to write every day; whether it be journalling, letters or poetry. There I’ve said it! Now to do it! Thank you ROWers for being the ‘write’ example to follow.

  3. Ryan King

    I’m with Sharon.. You tease us with telling us you’re kicking the bad habit but don’t tell what said habit is. That’s just naughty.

    1. Logical conclusion with all my talk about overcoming procrastination. The funny thing is I only procrastinate in certain areas. I should make two lists, To Do and Things To Do I’ve Been Putting Off. Thanks for popping by. Have a great day, and come back anytime.

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