Constantly Changing Goals

So, how goes it, my fellow ROWers?

As for me…


Time to polish Deb’ s book so it’s ready when we meet with the publisher (I usually freelance, so I don’t experience this part of the process. It’s very cool. I like it.)

Laura’s edit – DONE (at least I think so)

Write! On – pretty much ready for distribution

There’s another large project hovering on the horizon. If it comes together, it’s going to be full steam ahead for the next couple of weeks.


Last chap of Deb’s book – written

Last appendix added to Deb’s book

Children’s chapbook – waiting patiently

I must add “write picture book manuscript” to my weekly schedule. That way, it will get written.

The title of a post that came to my inbox inspired most of this week’s blogs. How cool is that?


I must submit to the submissions process.


Skills Development – hopefully today

Reading for my course – again, hopefully today

Blogging for Books – I should be finishing up Mercy Come Morning today and posting my review.

Booksneeze – reading Sunrise on the Battery and quite enjoying it

Volunteer Work

We’re moving ahead with the updates for the Write! Canada website.

I think I’ll look for some items to post on The Word Guild website since we still don’t have someone to do that regularly

Exercise & Fitness

Instead of settling for only one workout with my buddy, we did cardio one day and resistance the next. I also did a quick full-body workout before bed one night instead of wimping out.

Plus, I’ve done two days of the Push Up Challenge. My goal: 50 full push ups and 50 half push ups at the end of the challenge

Row Specific Goals

Check in twice per week. on target

Stop by fellow ROWers’ sites every Monday or Thursday. Last week was a wash, but today’s a new beginning.

Continue connecting with my writing buddy regularly. Julie’s still the bestest!


Spend time once per week working around the house…There are six days left in the week, not counting today.

Bad Habit

Some progress. Not enough.

Keep a little notebook with you and write down those things that inspire you.


2 thoughts on “Constantly Changing Goals

  1. showard76

    Awesome week Steph! The blog posts from the email prompt were wicked, great way to get an idea. Hope this week is a good one! 🙂

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