Wednesday ROW Check-in

Me again…

And this week’s addition…

Job Applications

I’m looking for work that will allow me to stay home, work on my manuscripts and volunteer projects, all the while earning some money.

So, my newest goal is to apply for at least five freelance jobs per week. And guess what…That’s what I did before heading to bed tonight. I’m especially excited by one of the possibilities. I’ll let you know how it goes.


It’s definitely time to do those last minute tweaks of Deb’s manuscript…for the well-known personality she has asked to write the foreword and also for the publisher.

I’m waiting to hear the final word from Laura.

Write! On – Come Friday, it’ll be time to start again.

Other than that, all’s quiet.


I’ve been busy with volunteer work so far this week.


I’ll get back to ya on this one.


I started two new e-books, one for Blogging for Books, the other for

I also did some reading for my course.

Volunteer Work

I spent a good chunk of the day working on the Write! Canada website.

Exercise & Fitness

Push up challenge is actually working….Who’da thunk it?

I came to some eye-opening challenges and decided to change my fitness goals for the year. (See “Rebellious Fitness Goals,” scheduled for posting Saturday, January 28.)

I have two workouts scheduled with my w/o buddy.

ROW Specific Goals

Check in twice per week. on target

Stop by fellow ROWers’ sites every Monday or Thursday. Sorry, folks. This is getting bumped by other responsibilities. I want to thank everyone who stops by my check-ins. I hope to do better.

Continue connecting with my writing buddy regularly. Off and on. From time to time. (((hugs)))


I started the day with a bang, washing the dishes, organizing the recycling, AND cleaning the rabbit cage.

Bad Habit

Making headway.

I’m going to start leaving you with A Thought…

For just a minute I got sucked into the lie that I would be more valuable – and more valued – if I subscribed to society’s faulty notion of what constitutes beauty. Please remember this: You are valued wherever you are, right this very minute.


13 thoughts on “Wednesday ROW Check-in

  1. Lamia Slumbers

    Such a wonderful thought to end you post with–something we all need to be reminded of from time to time. Good luck with those freelance applications and wtg sticking to your fitness goals!

  2. Steph, you are making steady headways and from here it seems you know where you are heading and nothing can get in your way -that’s a super outlook and attitude! Keep moving forward as you’re surely on the road to success.

    Good luck with the job applications & thank you for the inspiring thought (needed that!).

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