Hooray for Dentists

And now for another Dr. Seuss-esque poem…

Ow! That hurt

I had to say,

Ignore it,

It will go away.

Now that’s a plan

I like a lot,

As long as I

Eat nothing hot,

And I don’t chew

Upon that side,

Nothing baked

Or mashed or fried.

And then they call,

Imagine that,

To see my kid,

Oh goodness…Drat!

They found me out,

They always do,

So now today

I’m feeling blue.

My dentist’s nice,

My dentist’s kind,

Let’s go for coffee,

I don’t mind.

I’d rather that

Than open wide,

But that won’t fix

What’s wrong inside.

So off I go

To see the doc,

She’ll fix me up

At 10 o’clock.

And then I’ll say,

That’s not so bad,

Great, it’s done,

And I am glad.

So, yay for dentists

And their crew

They fixed me up

As good as new.


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