Rebellious Fitness Goals

I’ve heard far too much talk about what is now considered “overweight” and “plus sizes.” For just a minute, I was going to buy into it – ever so slightly.

Now, I was not aiming to be a Size 6. That would be crazy. However, I set an unrealistic goal based on numbers, as if achieving those numbers would make me more valuable – or more valued.

Not gonna happen!

My new goals for 2012…

1. Exercise for at least one half hour six times per week.

2. Drink more water.

3. Eat more vegetables.

4. Eat more fruit.

5. Eat less processed food.

6. Eat fewer unhealthy snacks.

7. Eat fewer desserts.

8. Make healthier choices when I eat out.

9. Eat more regularly.

12. Seek to encourage others to exercise and eat well for what I believe are the right reasons.

Here’s to your health!


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