Tooth for Tooth

As a parent, how would you feel if you discovered your child had been abused? What would you do? How would you cope? Could you ever forgive while still holding the abuser accountable? In Tooth for Tooth, the author (and my friend), Kimberley Payne addresses these issues.

In the book, I found…

Characters I care about.

Others I want to clobber.

Growth, change, and development of the key characters.

Emotions I can relate to.

Situations that matter to me.

Big themes – especially forgiveness.

Matters of faith organically woven into the story.

A hope-filled, cathartic ending that isn’t “perfect.”

These are all reasons I recommend reading Tooth for Tooth.

You can hear Kimberley reading an excerpt from her story here.

You can visit her site here.


4 thoughts on “Tooth for Tooth

  1. I look forward to reading your book Kimberley for I have had this devasting experience with both of my young sons while in the care of community agencies. I was given the grace to forgive the offender of my youngers on though it did cause me some deep struggles spiritually. Jesus met me in the depths of my sorrow. My sons, now adults, continue to struggle. I was never given the opportunity to meet those who abused my eldest son. thank you for writing this book in advance of all that I will learn from you and the tears I know I will shed knowing that someone else understands.

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