Welcome, February (ROW Check-in)

Before I get into today’s check-in, I just had to mention the crazy weather we’re having. Last year we had lots and lots of the white stuff. Today, February 1, the birds are squawking outside my window, the sun is shining, and the snow has again disappeared. Welcome, February. Welcome, spring?

And now for the check-in…

Job Applications

I’ve had a couple more nibbles. We’ll have to see what unfolds. I plan to put out three or four more applications today.


Deb returned the manuscript with her changes. It’s pretty much ready to send out. How cool is that!

I received a brief manuscript yesterday. I will be editing it over the next week or so.

Write! On – The next issue is pretty much done from my end. I put the schedule in my planner so I don’t let deadlines slip by. The weeks go SO FAST!

No word on The Big Job, but smaller ones will still help the bank account.


I’m pretty much on track with my blog posts.

I’ve got to buckle down with other writing.


Today I WILL!


I’m on track with From Blah to Awe. I’m a little behind with A Sound Among the Trees.

The first seven chapters of Frank Peretti’s newest book Illusion have me chomping at the bit…either for more free chapters – or the book – to be released (due out in March).

I’m still poking away at Shadowed in Silk.

I started Room a very long time ago. Now I’m back at it. Fascinating read.

I’m also reading unEmployed Faith. I should be done today.

I look forward to reading and reviewing The Other Baby Book.

It’s stop and start with the reading for my course.

I want to review my notes and write my online exam to keep my PT certification active.

Like I said, if I could only get paid for reading…

Volunteer Work

I’m motoring along.

Exercise & Fitness

Push Up Challenge – on track

Full-body Workout – Monday

I’ve got two workouts scheduled with my buddy this week (today and Friday).

ROW Specific Goals

Check in twice per week – still on track

To all the faithful ROWers who regularly visit other sites…KUDOS! (Stephanie, take note of their faithfulness.)

Continue connecting with my writing buddy regularly. Ain’t social networking the best? Have a great day, Julie!


Not too bad. Not too great. But not too bad.

Bad Habit

New month. New opportunity to be victorious.

Today’s Thought…

If January was a wash, welcome February with open arms. If January was great, eagerly go forward, expecting February to be even better.


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