Welcome, Spring?

A new day

A bright day

A great day

To say

Welcome to spring

In ev-er-y way.

But wait

Just a minute

I must have that wrong

Though outside the birds

Are singing their song.

The sun is now shining

The temperature warm

The snow has all melted

There isn’t a storm.

I’ve a spring in my step

And a smile on my face

The signs are around

All over the place.

It’s looking like spring

And smelling that way

I guess I’ll pretend

And so for today…

It’s spring at my house

And spring in our town

Rejoice in the sights

And the wonderful sounds.

And then if the winter

Comes calling once more

These bright happy mem’ries

I’ll keep in store.

The real spring with come

In a very short time

With flowers and birdsongs

And sunshine sublime.




2 thoughts on “Welcome, Spring?

  1. Oh my goodness, you must be somewhere near Western PA. Lol! It’s beautiful outside today…just like Spring, but yet only 2 days or so ago there was snow on the ground. Go figure… This is the strangest “Winter” I’ve experienced since we moved here.

    Hope your day is a blessed one!

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