February 8 ROW Check-in

Just a quick overview…

Job Applications

– on hold

– plenty on my To Do list plus I haven’t been feeling the greatest


– working on Josie’s manuscript and polishing Deb’s


– will be writing and scheduling Saturday’s posts tomorrow because my hubby and I will be at the Worship Matter conference in Michigan Friday and Saturday


It’s official…I need an agent or an assistant to do this for me.


I finished From Blah to Awe this morning. The review will go up Saturday.

I should finish A Sound Among the Trees today or tomorrow. I will post the review for it a week from Saturday.

I will do some reading for my doula course and review for my PT CEC exam today and tomorrow…all things being equal.

Volunteer Work

I’ve got some catching up to do today, but not too much.

Exercise & Fitness

Push Up Challenge – pretty much on track; feeling like I do, I’m not sure if I’ll miss a day this week or not.

Full-body Workout – I did a w/o on Monday. I’ll see how I feel later today. Exercising when you’re lightheaded and slightly nauseous isn’t the most fun.

My workout buddy and I might not get together this week. I’m under the weather, and she pulled her back yesterday.

ROW Specific Goals

Check in twice per week – still on track

I’ve popped by a few sites. Hopefully, this is just the beginning.

Continue connecting with my writing buddy regularly. Hope all is well, Julie. I’ve kind of been MIA. (I was lost in the depths of Pinterest yesterday. They’re going to have to form a recovery group for that addiction. Sigh!)


– not bad, considering

Bad Habit

It’s coming.

Today’s Thought…

Needed down time is not wasted time.


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