February 15 ROW Check-in

I’ve been feeling “off” for the last couple of weeks. Amazing how that affects every area.

Not to complain. I’m overall very healthy and must make use of that blessing to fulfill my goals.

Here’s how that has been going.


– working on Josie’s manuscript; it should be done this week

– still have to add one small scene Deb’s manuscript

– working on A’s manuscript as well; it should be done by the end of next week


– putting together questions for a second interview for the Write! Canada site

– have to get my other writing in my planner


February is just half over. I am determined to make four to eight submissions this month.


I’ve posted my review of From Blah to Awe. 

My review of A Sound Among the Trees should be online come Saturday.

My doula reading and PT review are still hovering in the queue.

Volunteer Work

I’m pretty much on track.

Exercise & Fitness

Push Up Challenge – gone by the wayside because of the virus that has me feeling blech

Full-body Workout – I may try to do a couple this week.

Cardio – not happening

Sessions with Workout Buddy – gonna have to wait until next week


Things don’t look bad, but I haven’t done anything extra recently.

Job Applications

It’ll have to wait until I get ahead of my current responsibilities.

ROW Specific Goals

Check in twice per week – yepper

Visit fellow ROWers’ sites – on tomorrow’s To Do list

Continue connecting with my writing buddy regularly – touched base this morning

Today’s Thought

Social networking: a blessing or a curse?


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