Each Step

It’s here again,

I’ll grab my pen

And plan the week ahead.

I’ll settle in

And then begin

To do what I have said.

I’ve lots to do,

So very true,

My list is oh, so long.

But I am glad,

With praises clad,

My heart is filled with song.

To God above,

For His great love

Will carry me always.

When I am weak,

Not at my peak,

Through all my nights and days.

For blessings named,

I will proclaim,

Are not for me alone.

He’s reaching out,

I have no doubt

He hears your every groan.

He sees your smiles,

He knows your trials,

His love for you is great.

Just reach for Him

And then begin,

It is not up to fate.

For Jesus cried,

He suffered, died

To make the Way for us,

His bitter pain

Was for our gain,

The power of the cross.

That’s not the end,

My precious friend,

He rose again, it’s true.

To set us free,

Both you and me,

Eternity in view.

You must accept

This treasure kept

For those who will believe.

Your sin lay down

And turn around,

Your burden He’ll relieve.

He’ll welcome you,

Oh, yes, it’s true,

A brand new life is yours,

That life will start,

Give Him your heart,

He’ll lead through open doors.

Your list of plans

Give to His hands

And trust Him all your days.

Live life for God

Each step you trod

And He will guide your ways.


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