Getting Lost

I followed crowds

To pin online

And there I spent my day.

I searched the Web

For this and that

That I could there display.

And as I did

I thought of things

That fill my heart with glee.

The tastes and smells

The sights and sounds

The things I like to see.

From falling leaves

To paintings grand

I pinned away the hours.

I’d fill my home

With Seuss-like flare

And decorate with flowers.

With Chai in hand

And books beside

I’d follow pathways bright.

In autumn’s crunch

And winter’s snow

I found my heart grow light.

The sky ablaze

With fireworks

And bridges there to cross.

I pinned until

My heart’s content

And I was getting lost.

But it’s okay

From time to time

To lose yourself, my friend.

For I returned

Again refreshed

From this new fun-filled trend.


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