February 29 ROW Check-in

Happy Leap Year


I completed A’s manuscript and am reading over J’s one last time.

I’ve added the info to Deb’s manuscript, and she likes it. Yay!

Carolyn and I will be going through her manuscript again sometime in March.

Two of my friends asked me to do some editing for them. One has written a selection of poems. The other is working on a novel. I am truly honoured…and always just a tad leery about editing for friends.


My blogging is now behind schedule because I attended the birth of a wee one. I’m okay with that.


It looks like a weather warning just might keep me from meeting with my co-author and a publisher today. I’ll have to see if the forecast has changed by morning.

Other than that, it’s just the same old/same old.


Life, In Spite of Me – I highly recommend it.

Dawn Comes Early – such a fun read

The Other Baby Book – I’m glad I list it here. It reminds me to get started reading it.

Other books – I need to get serious about the books I really should be reading.

Volunteer Work

I’m pretty much up-to-date with my responsibilities.

Exercise & Fitness

Full-body Workout – I still hope to get at least two in this week.

Cardio – This is pretty much a wash for now.

Sessions with Workout Buddy – Now that Baby has arrived and I’m feeling better, I just might try to get together with Ann at least once this week.


I’m not getting anything extra done, but I’m doing not too bad keeping up with the day-to-day.

ROW Specific Goals

Check in twice per week – on track

Visit fellow ROWers’ sites – I hope to leap by today. (I had to include one bad pun, right?)

Continue connecting with my writing buddy regularly – We’ve decided we’d like to live closer to one another. (Thanks for the idea of pairing up with writing buddies, Kait. I love making new friends.)

Today’s Thought

Let’s use this extra day to be incredible productive – maybe even devote it entirely to writing.


12 thoughts on “February 29 ROW Check-in

  1. Travis Smith

    I am kind of in awe at the amount you have accomplished – I really need to figure out how to skip eating and sleeping, that would give me more time…

  2. caswebb

    Hi Steph

    Good luck with those weather warnings and your meetings. Hope the sun came out for you, though here it’s just rain rain rain.



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