March 7 ROW Check-in

No births to attend, but it’s still a good week.


I’ve edited the first half of Wm’s manuscript.

I hope to make significant headway on T’s six poems this week.

D is still mulling over which editing option to choose.

I’ve spoken with J. She is considering her options as well.


Working on the article for Christian Life London and my blog posts. Also hope to get the essay done for my course this week.


I want to get approximately twelve submissions out there to paying markets by the middle of the month.


Life, In Spite of Me – on schedule

Dawn Comes Early – on schedule

The Other Baby Book – behind schedule (I may aim to get it done by the end of next week rather than this week.)

Illusion – Thoroughly enjoyed the twenty free chapters. Maybe I’ll ask for an early b-day present when it comes out.

Reading for My Doula Course – There’s still time this week to make significant headway.

Re-reading the Info for My PT CEC Course – Must not forget. Must not forget.

Volunteer Work

– pretty much on track

Exercise & Fitness

I worked out yesterday, and now that I’m completely over the virus, I’ve scheduled two exercise sessions with my workout partner. Yay!

ROW Specific Goals

Check in twice per week – still at it

Visit fellow ROWers’ sites – I did it. I did it.

Continue connecting with my writing buddy regularly – getting better

Today’s Thought

Sometimes it’s okay not to write…like when we’re asleep, for instance.


6 thoughts on “March 7 ROW Check-in

  1. You rock, WB (or whatever we decided upon… if we did?! LOL)

    I woke up with a sore throat over here and am about to opt for a cat nap in time for some #wordmongering. I feel like I have to catch up with my love before moving back into a normal schedule.

    What a grand goal: 12 submissions to paying markets! How is this going, specifically?

    1. A publisher has the manuscript I co-authored. We should hear from him in April.

      The submission of my picture book manuscripts is still just a dream…a dream I intend to pursue, but a dream nonetheless. (You’ll hear me hooting and hollering across the continent when I make some real headway. [grin])

      Thanks for popping by and get better soon.

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