Words Matter Blog Challenge – Day 3

It’s already Day 3 of the Words Matter Blog Challenge. (Check it out here.)

Day 3 – Communication breaks down when words are misused.  What is the funniest or worst breakdown you’ve ever observed?

This is craziness…almost 51 years on this planet – 612 months, 2652 weeks, 18,627 days – and nothing stands out.

I gave the question a lot of thought, and then I reread the statement: “Communication breaks down when words are misused.” Isn’t that the truth?

Years ago, I was a very angry person. The wrath would bubble up inside of  me like acid. What was worse, it would overflow and splash on those closest to me: my ever-patient, ever-loving husband and our three amazing kids.

Of course communication broke down. What my words and actions were saying was so far from what, at the deepest level, I wanted to express. I desperately wanted them to know how much I loved them.

What I didn’t want to say…”My anger is all your fault. If you would just do things right, I wouldn’t feel like this.” But that’s what I communicated time and again. Blame hormones. Blame tiredness. Blame my humanity. But that really doesn’t cut it.

Although, at the time, I’m sure the anger and accusations did a lot of damage, I have been blessed beyond measure.

No longer does anger have a foothold in my life. I haven’t lashed out in years. My husband kept on plugging, and we’ve been married for almost 30 years. (He’s such a blessing!) I can honestly say I am friends with our three grown children, all of whom still call this “home.”

Words can, indeed, be misused. Thankfully, there is healing for the damage they cause. I truly thank God that healing has been applied to the hearts and minds of those I love.

This is one area about which I say without reservation WORDS MATTER!


4 thoughts on “Words Matter Blog Challenge – Day 3

  1. Powerful post. And yes, words do matter.
    A wrong word spoken or written is like driving a nail into a fence, because when you pull out the nail, the hole is still there.

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