March 11 ROW Check-in

Lovin’ the sunshine this week. It’s such an inspiration.


I’ll be doing some more work on T’s poems today (Saturday).

I may have another poem editing job beginning soon.

I was asked by a former client if he could pass my name along. I love referrals.

A few potential clients are still considering their options.


I have most of the article for Christian Life London written. I’ll be finishing that up and sending it off today.

I also want to write a half dozen blog posts, work on my essay, and spend an hour or so working on my children’s chapbook.


I’m going to make a list of picture book publishers who accept email submissions and fire off some of my manuscripts.

By the next check-in, I hope to have six in the mail or in publishers’ inboxes.


Life, In Spite of Me – complete; I’ll be posting the review today.

Dawn Comes Early – same as above

The Other Baby Book – I want to have it done by the end of the week so I can post a review next Saturday.

Illusion – My birthday’s coming…

Reading for My Doula Course – I have to start setting aside significant chunks of time devoted exclusively to this and the completion of the other course requirements. Puttering isn’t going to get it done.

Re-reading the Info for My PT CEC Course – I keep making note of how many days I have left. Perhaps it would be best to re-read a little every day and take the online exam next Friday. For  now, that is my new plan.

Volunteer Work

I’m going to do some posting to The Word Guild site today. Other than that, I’m on track.

Exercise & Fitness

It’s getting better. That’s all I can say for now.

ROW Specific Goals

Check in twice per week – still at it

Visit fellow ROWers’ sites – Since I’m a sponsor for Round 2, I best make it a regular habit again. Besides, I like seeing how my fellow ROWers are doing.

Continue connecting with my writing buddy regularly – We may never get to visit in person, but I’m sure thankful for the social networks where we can connect. Have a great week, WB.

Today’s Thought

Just for fun, allow your writing to be inspired by the weather.


6 thoughts on “March 11 ROW Check-in

  1. Ruth Nestvold

    Sunshine? What sunshine? Lucky you. 🙂

    Congrats on all your progress on your goals and have a great week! Good luck in getting the submissions in the mail. 🙂

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