March 14 ROW Check-in

I have declared this my personal Anti Procrastination Week. I am working at clearing many of the things from my To Do list that have been there far too long.


I plan to finish my first complete edit of T’s poems. (Thank you for your patience, my friend.)

C called. She has her manuscript back, and we’re going to make the final changes so she can have it printed off.


I’ve finally caught up with my blogging…well, all except for one last post that I intend to write tonight or first thing in the morning.

I am also hopeful about working on my essay and my children’s chapbook this week.


Exciting news…While I was re-watching “The Return of the King” with my hubby, I was lining up markets where I intend to submit my picture book manuscripts. So far, I’ve chosen ten of the twelve markets I intend to approach this week. (I’m making up for lost time.)


Shadowed in Silk – While I’m between free ebooks, I’ve again begun to read Shadowed…It’s an intense read, but I really like the three-dimensional characters and the historic accuracy.

The Other Baby Book – With all the other things on my To Do list, I’m hoping I can still get this book finished this week.

Illusion – My birthday’s coming…That said, I’ve ordered a number of skills development books that I may ask my family to pay for as my birthday present. Illusion may have to wait.

Reading for My Doula Course – I’ve added up the pages I want to read by the end of the month and divided it by fifteen. Like I said, “Procrastination, you’re outta here!”

Re-reading the Info for My PT CEC Course – I divided up the reading and guess what. While watching the movie, I re-read eighteen pages. (I’d planned on only reading six per day.) I love making a good start…even if it is long overdue.

Volunteer Work

I plan to post to The Word Guild site tomorrow.

Exercise & Fitness

I did a full body workout today. It was brief, but definitely better than nothing.

ROW Specific Goals

Check in twice per week – This is the easy part.

Visit fellow ROWers’ sites – It’s nice to be doing so again.

Continue connecting with my writing buddy regularly – Thanks to Facebook.

Today’s Thought

Sometimes re-evaluating your goals gives you new energy to accomplish them.


4 thoughts on “March 14 ROW Check-in

  1. I hope your “To Do List” isn’t too aggressive. I’m so pleased to hear you’re going to submit your writing.
    And it appears you’ve gotten caught up on your posts. Way to go!

    1. It feels amazing to attack those things I’ve been putting off. My To Do list is lengthy, but prioritized as well. Just because it’s on today’s list doesn’t mean I’ll be upset if it doesn’t get done.

      Have a great week, my friend.

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