Looking Back, Looking Ahead

With Round 1 of A Round of Words in 80 Days winding up, it’s time to see how I’ve done.


Laura’s manuscript ~ done

Carolyn’s manuscript ~ a few names to chance come Monday, then done

Deb’s manuscript ~ done and proposal in the hands of a publisher

First Editor for the Write! On news bulletin – ongoing

Other jobs have come along, but I’ll touch on those come Round 2.


Deb’s manuscript ~ see above

Essay and research paper ~ new deadline (March 31)

First draft of children’s chapbook ~ The first draft can still be done by the end of June, I’ll just have to get cracking.

Two picture books per month ~ I have to get back at it.

Revised blogging schedule ~ I fell behind a little in March, but all in all, I’m not doing too badly.


Four items per month ~ market research improving; actually submitting needs work, lots of work


Skills Development ~ complete one book, or the equivalent, every other month (nope)

Reading for my course ~ to be done by the end of February (How about the end of March?)

Blogging for Books ~ read one book per month (yep)

Booksneeze ~ read one book per month (yep…might give this one up)

Volunteer Work

~ pretty much on track

Exercise & Fitness

Thirty minutes six times per week ~ tee hee, tee hee hee (I’m re-starting Kimberley Payne’s Fit for Faith on Monday. Things are looking up.)

Eat better ~ some, but not as good as it should be (says she wiping the chocolate bar remnants from her face)

Row Specific Goals

Check in twice per week ~ batting a thousand

Stop by fellow ROWers’ sites every Monday or Thursday ~ You are now allowed to hit me with a bat. Sorry, folks. I’ll do better for Round 2.

Continue connecting with my writing buddy regularly ~ It has been very informal, but our occasional hello-how-ya-doin’ times have encouraged us both. See ya in Round 4, WB.

If you want to join the fun, sign up here for Round 2.

How about you? Was Round 1 all you’d hoped it would be?

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