Final ROW Round 1 Check-in

Here are the things I’ve still to accomplish. They will likely be added to my Round 2 list of goals. (If you haven’t checked out A Round of Words in 80 Days, you can do so here. Hope to see lots of you in the next round.)


This week Carolyn and I went through her manuscript again. However, yesterday my computer decided to be stupid. I may call her and ask for a quick once-over to ensure things are as she wants them. Sigh!

First Editor for the Write! On news bulletin ~ ongoing (I’m keeping up with the schedule okay. I just need to commit to updating the site regularly until we recruit another volunteer.)


Essay and research paper ~ I’m in the midst of a lengthy editing job on a tight schedule. The new “new deadline” to write these papers is April 30.

First draft of children’s chapbook ~ The first draft can still be done by the end of June. I’m leaving this as is though I haven’t worked on it in ages.

Two picture books per month ~ perhaps better stated as 24 this year

Revised blogging schedule ~ Because of other responsibilities I’m behind. However, I know how important it is to regularly post something new. I must get back at it.


I won’t bore you with yet another report of my good intentions.


Skills Development ~ I’m going to have to look at this goal and decide how to make it doable.

Reading for my course ~ I’m doing better, but I won’t be done by the end of March.

Blogging for Books ~ I’m not likely going to have Saving Grace done within the month. We’ll see.

Booksneeze ~ I’m going to let this go.

Volunteer Work

These are ongoing responsibilities.

Exercise & Fitness

My eating is improving. My commitment to regular exercise still needs work…and the crazy thing is that I like to workout.

Row Specific Goals

Stop by fellow ROWers’ sites ~ I’ll do better in Round 2 because I’m a sponsor. That will help.

Continue connecting with my writing buddy regularly ~ I love reading her FB status updates and touching base every now and then. Occasionally, we do wordmongering over at Twitter at the same time…nothing formal.

Round 2…Here we come!



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