ROW Round 2 Begins

In the words of Diego, the saber-tooth in Ice Age, “Who’s up for Round 2?”

I know I am, so here goes…

Editing Goals

~ keep up with work that comes through Christian Editing Services

~ complete edit of 90,000-word manuscript on prayer (to be completed by the end of April)

~ complete edit of 27,000-word fiction manuscript (also to be completed by the end of April)

~ continue as first editor of the Write! On news bulletin

Writing Goals

Essay and research paper for doula certification (essay done before the round began; a shocker for those of you who have watched me push back the deadline time and time again, I’m sure)

Blogging ~ five poems per week; six additional posts per week

First draft of children’s chapbook ~ to be complete by June 13 (tentative…I’ve lost my enthusiasm for this particular project for the time being.)

Two picture books per month ~ twelve to be ready for marketing by the end of Round 2 (including those I wrote before this round began) (again, tentative…My focus isn’t writing for children at this point.)

Submissions Goals

Twelve picture book manuscripts WILL be submitted by the end of this round. So there! (I wrote this a few weeks back. Now that the round has begun, I think I’ll change this to one submission per week – maybe picture book manuscripts, maybe articles…)

Reading Goals

Skills Development ~ one book this round

Reading for my course ~ to be done by the end of April at the latest

Blogging for Books ~ one book per month

2012 Eclectic Readers Challenge ~ make sure I have six book crossed off the list by the end of Round 2

Exercise & Fitness Goals

Resistance training ~ three times per week

Cardio ~ three times per week

Drink more water.

Eat more healthy foods and less that aren’t.

Row Specific Goals

~ stop by fellow ROWers’ sites every Thursday

~ step up my connection with my WB (writing buddy)

All the Best, My Fellow ROWers!


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