When I’m Alone

Who am I when I’m alone

And going through the fire,

Do I smile and sing and laugh

As in public I require?


Or do I feel so all alone

Just me and all my thinking,

Am I strong and brave and tough

Or feel like I am sinking?


Though I have such special friends

And family round me loving,

The mind can be a crazy place,

It’s thoughts and feelings shoving.


Shoving me this way and that,

Trying to derail me

From resting in the Father’s arms,

I know He’ll never fail me.


So if I smile and sing and laugh

Or if the tears start flowing,

My thoughts I’ll turn again to Him,

With confidence and knowing.


Knowing that He does what’s best

And carries all my sorrows,

He’s done everything for me

And holds all my tomorrows.


So I will look upon this day

And all that it will hold

As a chance to live for Him,

Be strong and brave and bold.


I thank my family and my friends

For walking there beside me,

But all my days I’ll rest secure

Where Jesus’ love will hide me.


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