Silly Chipmunk

he thought your chirp

was from a bird

now i know

that’s quite absurd

he wondered why

you made that sound

and woke us up

where we’d lain down

but i did smile

and let him know

“that’s not a bird”

“just let it go”

outside i went

to take a pic

there was no need

to be real quick

you stayed and chirped

you cheeky thing

it was a song

you had to sing

you made me smile

the mem’ries came

so many chipmunks

and their games

they’d come and eat

seeds black and white

from our hands

a joyful sight

when i was young

out with my dad

the chipmunks came

and made me glad

then later they

came to my crew

their silly antics

yes, it’s true

to this day

they bring a smile

and take me back

o’er mem’ries miles

My friend Janet Sketchley over at speculative, sporadic…and slightly odd and I were discussing “Veggie Tales” this morning. This made me think of their famous “silly songs.” That whole train of thought led to today’s post. Sometimes we need to write – or read – something just for fun. I hope you have a fun day.


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