April 18 ROW Check-in

Ever written something and someone saw so much more in it than you originally intended?

This is the response I got from my good friend Janet Sketchley (visit her website here) to yesterday’s poem, “Juggling Cinquain”…”Focus is an interesting word for managing multiple opportunities, and you’ve got me thinking, Stephanie. When I tell myself to focus I’m saying, ‘Focus on one thing, do one thing, don’t get distracted.’ That’s what the juggler is doing too, but s/he is focusing on the balancing act, not on the individual objects being balanced. I think s/he only handles one object at a (short) time but the focus on the overall rhythm keeps the action going. Lots to think about. Thanks!”

How cool is that!?

Now, on to my goals…

Editing Goals

Complete edit of 90,000-word manuscript on prayer ~ I didn’t get the first and second edits done by Monday night, but I still plan to have them done before we fly to our son’s graduation on Friday.

Complete edit of 27,000-word fiction manuscript (still awaiting funds)

Edit three poems ~ I edited the poems Monday night…well, technically, it was very early Tuesday morning.

Continue as first editor of the Write! On news bulletin ~ I plan to update the website today and get the first draft of the next issue together by Thursday, so I’m not thinking about it while we’re away.

Writing Goals

Blogging ~ daily poems posted; other posts lagging behind

Two five-minute skits for our mid-week kids’ program ~ first skit written and forwarded; second skit to be written and forwarded before we leave

Submissions Goals

I’ve received positive response from the article “Illness and the Christian.” (Check it out here.)

Thanks to my WB (writing buddy), I was inspired to submit my ABC book. I will look at firing off several of my picture book ideas come May.

Reading Goals

Reading for my course ~ I will finish this in early May.

Reading to maintain my PTS certification ~ Thankfully, it’s an easy-to-read text. I’ll also finish reading it in May.

Skills development ~ Perhaps I should download something onto my e-reader for the three-hour flight west…and the three-hour car ride north. (I could get most of a book read in that time.)

Fiction ~ on hold because of my busyness (Mind you, if I left the TV off in the evenings…)

Doula Certification Requirements

Finish my reading (see above)

Complete my exam ~ I may just take a day during the first week in May and complete the unanswered questions.

Online lectures ~ I only have to listen to a couple more to fulfill the course requirements.

Letters of recommendation ~ I’ll try to secure these the first week in May. (My it’s going to be busy!)

Exercise & Fitness Goals

Cardio ~ only one session scheduled for this week (I’ll do better come May. [grin])

Resistance training ~ I’ll probably get two sessions in this week…unless they have a good weight room at one of the three hotels we’re staying in. Hm…there’s an idea.

Row Specific Goals

Check in twice per week ~ just try to get rid of me (That wasn’t a challenge, Kait. Please don’t block me. [giggle, giggle?])

Check in with other ROWers ~ Twitter and FB are my best bets for this.

Keep in touch with my writing buddy ~ Though our visits are infrequent, she unknowingly inspired me Tuesday morning.

Check out A Round of Words in 80 Days here.


Because we’re flying to Saskatchewan for our son’s graduation this coming weekend, I won’t be posting a Sunday check-in. Have a great week, all.


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