April 25 ROW Check-in

I’m back from my son’s graduation from Nipawin Bible College. Now, it’s time to really crack down and generate some income.

Build Business

I’m trying to hunt up work again. This freelancing can be tough going.

Editing Goals

Complete edit of 90,000-word manuscript on prayer ~ Edits 1 & 2 were done Friday morning. I am now waiting to hear back from the author re: final tweaks.

Complete edit of 27,000-word fiction manuscript ~ haven’t heard anything more on this yet

Edit three more poems ~ hope to do this today

Continue as first editor of the Write! On news bulletin ~ pretty much on track

Writing Goals

Now that I’m back, I need to get back on schedule.

Two five-minute skits for our mid-week kids’ program ~ done

Submissions Goals

Sometimes I’m tempted to look for a position as a staff writer. The whole submission thing is so uncertain except…I am certain I will not sell my writing if I do not approach publishers, editors, and agents.

Reading Goals

Reading for my doula certification course ~ I will finish this in early May.

Reading to maintain my PTS certification ~ In favour of hunting up more work, I may put this off for a bit.

Skills development ~ I think this, too, will have to wait.

Fiction ~ I read a little of the first Wheel of Time book while I was away.

Doula Certification Requirements

Finish my reading ~ see above

Complete my exam ~ first week of May

Complete my research paper ~ first week of May

Online lectures ~ first week of May, if not before

Letters of recommendation ~ I want to approach people next week, so I can pick up the letters the first week of May.

Instead of waiting until the end of May, I want to have everything in the mail by mid-May.

Exercise & Fitness Goals

I’m seriously thinking of starting each weekday by working out for half an hour.

Row Specific Goals

Check in twice per week ~ on track except for this past Sunday when I was in Saskatchewan

Check in with other ROWers ~ So far, this is a pipe dream this round.

Keep in touch with my writing buddy ~ nothing formal

Check out A Round of Words in 80 Days here.


6 thoughts on “April 25 ROW Check-in

  1. Wow, you got a lot going on there. This ROW is all about slow and steady progress for me. It looks like you’re right up the same alley. LOL

  2. A friend of mine is studying to be a midwife… she decided that she wanted to catching babies (which I guess you can’t do as a doula?) Now she has all these wonderful (horrible) stories that reaffirm why I will never have kids.

    Great job hitting your goals! Good luck the rest of the week.

  3. Fantastic goals! The more I read, the more I feel like a slacker. 🙂 Good luck on your certification. I’m fighting motivation on the exercise thing too. Hope you can get that going. See ya next check in!

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