April 28 ROW Check-in

And something surprising jumps to the top of the list…


You read that right. I actually have something positive to say about submissions. I fired off a picture book manuscript to Lobster Press on Friday and hope to submit four entries to Chicken Soup for the Soul by next Sunday’s check-in, if not before. I think I just might be winning the Procrastination War on this front…finally.

I plan to submit from three to five items to paying markets each week.

Which leads to…Build Business

I’ve applied for a position at our church. Regular income is great, but with a big editing project on the horizon, I’m not sure about the timing. We’ll have to wait and see how things come together.

Editing Goals

Complete edit of 90,000-word manuscript on prayer ~ still waiting to hear back about final tweaks

Complete edit of 27,000-word fiction manuscript ~ hope to start this soon (initial payment yet to be received)

My friend’s twelve poems have been edited. I look forward to seeing the final draft including artwork.

Continue as first editor of the Write! On news bulletin ~ newest issue fired off Friday evening

Writing Goals

Blogging ~ must carve out more time for this

Picture books, articles, research paper, children’s chapbook ~ I’m going to have to do a lot more writing to keep up with my new submission goal.

Reading Goals

Reading for my doula certification course ~ I will finish this by mid-May, if not before.

Reading to maintain my PTS certification ~ I want to have this done by the end of May so I don’t miss the deadline to renew my certification.

Skills development ~ There are so many great articles online I think I’ll add reading three each week to my list of goals.

Fiction ~ I have a pre-publication pdf file on the go. I should make a concerted effort to read it and get a review posted.

Doula Certification Requirements (the same as last week)

Finish my reading ~ see above

Complete my exam ~ first week of May

Complete my research paper ~ first week of May

Online lectures ~ first week of May, if not before

Letters of recommendation ~ I want to approach people next week, so I can pick up the letters the first week of May.

Instead of waiting until the end of May, I want to have everything in the mail by mid-May.

Exercise & Fitness Goals

I’m seriously thinking of starting each weekday by working out for half an hour beginning…beginning…Oh, who knows?

Row Specific Goals

Check in twice per week ~ “Copy and paste” makes this easy.

Check in with other ROWers ~ You s’pose if I keep listing it, it will actually happen?

Keep in touch with my writing buddy ~ We seem to encourage each other from a distance as we pass each other on FB and Twitter. Keep on keepin’ on, Julie. I’m rootin’ for ya.

Check out A Round of Words in 80 Days here.


7 thoughts on “April 28 ROW Check-in

  1. Great job on the submission front. Best of luck with all your endeavors there. One thing that stands out, visiting other ROWer’s. How I got started doing this was to visit all those that commented on my site. Over time, it expanded and I found I could visit quite a few in a brief period of time. Just a suggestion because I can tell that your plate is already pretty full.

    Have a great week, Steph šŸ™‚

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