May 2 ROW Check-in

A new month with new opportunities, here I come.


I plan to submit from three to five items to paying markets each week…This week: four submissions to various upcoming Chicken Soup… titles.

Build Business & Editing Goals

I’m wrapping up one editing job and there are three more on the horizon.

I’ll keep you posted on any other prospects.

Writing Goals

Blogging ~ five poems plus seven additional posts per week (I’m catching up.)

A young mom on Facebook commented today that she would like me to read my books to her children. Talk about motivation to find a publisher! Thank you, Brittanie.

Reading Goals (same as Sunday’s list)

Reading for my doula certification course ~ I will finish this by mid-May, if not before.

Reading to maintain my PTS certification ~ I want to have this done by the end of May so I don’t miss the deadline to renew my certification.

Skills development ~ There are so many great articles online I think I’ll add reading three each week to my list of goals.

Fiction ~ I have a pre-publication pdf file on the go. I should make a concerted effort to read it and get a review posted.

Doula Certification Requirements

Everything is scheduled to be completed by mid-May.

Exercise & Fitness Goals

My son heads back to Saskatchewan this coming Saturday. Come next Monday, I’m going to get serious about regular exercise.

Row Specific Goals

So as not to bore you with the same old/same old, I’ll just say I’m achieving some of these goals and failing miserably at others. But as I said at the beginning of this post…It’s a new month!

What are your goals for May?

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