May 6 ROW Check-in

I encountered some roadblocks this past week. A good part of my time was spent helping Son #2 prepare to officially begin his adult life. I drove him to the airport today where he boarded a plane to that life. I’m thrilled to see that my kids are able to make it in the world. On the other hand, not knowing when we’ll be together again does make me sad.

Enough of my self-examination! After all, 2012 is the Year of No Excuses. Onward…


I’m going to make three submissions Sunday.

Build Business & Editing Goals

Editing Projects ~ looking good

Writing Projects ~ keeping up with my submission goals will motivate me to keep writing

Other ~ still waiting on word from a potential employer; they have my resume

Writing Goals

Blogging ~ keeping up with the poetry writing; starting to make headway on the other posts as well

Other writing ~ almost endless possibilities: picture books, articles, children’s chapbooks…

Reading Goals

Reading for my doula certification course ~ excited to get at least half of this done this coming week

Reading to maintain my PTS certification ~ this coming week or the week after

Skills development ~ want to devote some serious time to this, probably starting next week

Fiction ~ fairly low on the priority list at present

Doula Certification Requirements

~ want to get this pretty much completed this week (Woo hoo!)

Exercise & Fitness Goals

~ beginning to make better food choices

~ looking forward to getting back into a regular routine come Monday

Row Specific Goals

Check-ins ~ check

Connect with fellow ROWers ~ on Facebook primarily

So what challenges and victories are you facing?


12 thoughts on “May 6 ROW Check-in

  1. With thanks to Lena Corazon at I’d like to add what I’m watching and what I’m reading.
    Watching ~ Especially looking forward to Castle and Bones this coming week.
    Reading ~ My focus this coming week will be on reading for my birth doula certification and my text to maintain my personal trainer certification.
    Thanks again, Lena.

  2. Another addition…
    Visit at least ten other ROWers’ sites each week. (I will achieve that goal within the next half hour or less.)
    For those of you who visit that many other sites per day…KUDOS!

  3. Submissions take such a long time if you want to do them right! It’s good that you’re keeping your goal of three a week. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Have a great writing week!

  4. I’ll be sending my oldest daughter off to college soon. Part of me is looking forward to seeing what she will make of her life – the other part wants to clutch the little girl that once was to my chest. But as you said, thus is progress. Good luck on your DOULA certification. Thanks for making me one of your ten stops this morning, was a pleasant surprise. Have a fantastic week, Steph 🙂

    1. Thanks, Gene. I would really like to spend more time blog hopping. I love being part of ROW80.

      Parenting is the one of the only “careers” where the object of all that attention heads out the door…I guess writing is sort of the same, but not quite so heart-wrenching.

      It will be good to finally make that push and get my certification requirements completed. Thanks for the encouragement.

      Hope you have a terrific week. Thanks again for stopping by.

  5. I have to admit I think I’m doing the entire getting a kid out of the house backwards. We have a son who’s Mom isn’t the best, who we pretty much adopted a few years ago. It has been wonderful to have him around, and I don’t think he’s going anywhere anytime soon. He’s still playing catch up with lessons he should have learned earlier, but couldn’t. So kudos to you for raising such a wonderful son that he is prepared to deal with life on his own terms. That is a beautiful thing. And a worthwhile reason to not be writing for a bit. Good luck on the writing for the rest of the week. 😀

  6. It’s so hard to watch those kids grow up and go away, but we’re still so proud of them. My oldest son has achieved so much, including finding his perfect mate. They’ve been married almost a year. 🙂

    Good luck with your submissions. I’ve never done that, deciding early on to self-publish, but I’m so glad we have the option to do this writing thing whichever way we want to. I hope something good happens soon for you! *crosses fingers*

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