I popped over to the public domain clipart site I use looking for a happy face to illustrate that I am looking forward to the week ahead…and there he was. I just couldn’t resist this sad little alien. (I couldn’t help but think how much my friend Janet would like this little guy. You can check out her blog here.)

Oo…I just had a great idea for next week’s Monday Motivation post over at Christian Editing Services. Nope, I’m not going to tell. That would spoil the surprise. You’ll have to stop by next Monday and check it out. (Feel free to stop by before then and see what it’s all about.)

Anyhoo, back to today’s surprise. While making plans and following through is good and all, sometimes we get sidetracked or diverted. There are times that’s not so great. At others, however, it leads in a fun, unexpected direction.

This find was serendipitous. (Isn’t that a great word?)  One of these “happy accidents” happened to my son and me just this morning. We were on our way to drop him off to catch the Robert Q for his business trip to Japan when he asked me to stop to get him a bottle of water. We pulled into the gas station right beside the inn where he was to catch the shuttle. The only thing was that he thought we were supposed to go to a different location. Wow!

As a Christian, I see these happenings as evidence of God’s grace. While I don’t pray about things like coming across alien clipart, I do know that the Lord is interested in the smallest details of our lives (like the little things that bring a smile)…and the not-so-little details (like my son being in the right place at the right time).

May your week overflow with serendipitous moments…that just might not be “accidents” after all.


2 thoughts on “Surprise!

  1. Steph, he is so cute! And thanks for the link.

    I agree with you about the surprises. Sometimes they’re simply a treat (and what loving parent doesn’t occasionally surprise their child this way?) and sometimes they’re more significant to our days’ activities. If we really believe that “the Lord is my shepherd” we’ll know where they come from, and we can say “thank You.”

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