A Pin or an Updraft?

The bubble burst. The balloon deflated. What do you do? Get back up, brush yourself off, and get on with life? You may be good at that. You may have found yourself in that position time and time and time again.


What do you do when you look down and find you’re holding the pin? Now that’s a different story.

Have you ever caused another’s pain? There may have been times you lashed out intentionally or inadvertently hurt someone you love.

Either way, pain is pain, offense is offense. Where do you go from here?

May I suggest…

You don’t try to justify your actions. Even if you didn’t mean to, you were still the source of the pain.

Apologize ~ and mean it. It may not make everything better, at least not right away, but it’s an important step in restoring the relationship.

Give the person the time they need to process the situation. This can be rough. You might want to make it all better right away, but that can’t always happen.

Don’t be quick to discuss the situation with others. It might make you feel better, but it can make matters so much worse and draw people in who have nothing to do with what’s going on.

Be honest with yourself. Do you feel miserable because you hurt the other person or because their reaction makes you feel crumby.

Try not to let whatever it is come between you for the long haul. You can’t change how the other person feels or thinks, but you are responsible for yourself.

Learn from the situation. If something similar comes up in the future, try to remember how your actions or lack thereof will be seen by the other person. As you know, not everyone reacts in the same way to any given situation. Take their feelings into consideration and try to keep the pins in the box.

It is my prayer that I will be the updraft that allows them to soar.


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