May 20 ROW Check-in

Opportunities overflow…

Doula Certification Requirements

Except for securing that second letter of recommendation, everything should be done by bedtime Sunday. WOOT!

Build Business & Editing Goals

Editing Projects ~ one to finish; one to begin this week; a third to begin when the author has completed her edit

Writing Projects ~ finalizing the pitch for a screenplay (extension joyfully accepted from client; new deadline: this coming Friday); ghostwriting project to begin this week (Both the client and I are very excited about this project.)

Doula ~ repeat client due in August; being considered by a second client expecting late September

Other ~ had my interview to cover for mat leave; will likely hear back Wednesday (I’ll have to severely limit my social networking time if I get hired. Self-discipline…a very good thing.)

Writing Goals

Blogging ~ thinking it’s time to do some working ahead

Other writing ~ someday


~ five submissions per week, time permitting (Like Kait says, “This is a challenge for people who have a life.”)

Reading Goals

Reading for my doula certification course ~ almost done

Reading to maintain my PTS certification ~ to be done by May 25 (gonna take some of that self-discipline I mentioned)

Skills development ~ learning by doing at this point

Fiction ~ must schedule some serious downtime

Exercise & Fitness Goals

~ workin’ on the whole eating better thing

~ walked twice with my workout buddy; resistance training (3x); hope for a repeat this coming week

Last but not least…

ROW-specific Goals

~ visit ten fellow ROWers blogs per week (gettin’ better)

Keeping ROWing, even if it feels you’re headed upstream.


4 thoughts on “May 20 ROW Check-in

  1. Glad to see you are steadily closing on the DOULA certification – that is going to be a huge weight off once you complete it. Definitely plan out some down time for once you attain that – sounds like you could use the break.

    Have a great coming week, Steph 🙂

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