May 23 ROW Check-in

Victory and craziness…

Doula Certification Requirements

Thank you for all your support, my fellow ROWers, as I have pushed out the deadline time and time again. I’m only waiting on a second letter of recommendation and then I can get the package in the mail.

Build Business & Editing Goals

Editing Projects ~ started a new project Tuesday, hope to get it done a week from Friday; hoping to hear back from another client about a job that is almost complete – I hope; a third client will be sending me her manuscript in the next little while

Writing Projects ~ finalizing the pitch for a screenplay (will be done ahead of deadline); may be beginning a ghostwriting project today or tomorrow

Doula ~ hope to take on clients with estimated due dates every six to eight weeks (If one goes “early” and the other “late,” I want to be able to attend both births.)

Other ~ should hear about the Monday to Thursday job soon

Writing Goals

Blogging ~ puttering along PLUS I have the opportunity to guest blog a series for the next four Mondays – so much fun!

Other writing ~ “Some day, over the rainbow…”


~ no long at the peak of Priority Mountain, but not quite relegated to the foothills just yet

Reading Goals

Reading for my doula certification course ~ DONE (Mind you, I should always be reading to solidify the things I’ve learned and add to my knowledge base.)

Reading to maintain my PTS certification ~ reading and exam to be done by Friday

Skills development ~ with a shelf full of books calling my name, I passed up “a great opportunity” to secure several helpful resources (My friend is ordering them. If they’re truly amazing, I’ll have to borrow them – and kick myself for not getting my own.)

Fiction ~ not a priority right now

Exercise & Fitness Goals

~ eating better

~ will have to get truly serious about cardio and resistance if I get the M-Th job

ROW-specific Goals

~ visit ten fellow ROWers blogs per week (doing well – now that this round is almost over [sigh])



8 thoughts on “May 23 ROW Check-in

  1. So much progress in so many directions! “Victory and craziness” indeed!

    As someon who wished she’d hired a doula for her pregnancy, I have been reading (though not always commenting…very bad that way, but it’s a time thing) your progress with certification with curiosity. Good for you!

    Have great week and keep smiling, Steph!

    1. I had my babies 28, 24, and 22 years ago. How I wish I’d known about midwives and doulas and the like!

      Thanks for the encouragement. When my certification comes in the mail, you’ll hear me hooting and hollering, I’m sure.

      Hope you have a great week as well.

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