Oh, Pooh!

I woke up at 5:30 a.m. yesterday. On a holiday Monday? Seriously?

Though I was still bleary-eyed mid-morning, the day had gotten off to a good start. And despite my horrible housekeeper self, I admit it had something to do with looking around and seeing things clean and tidy. (I spent a significant amount of time on Sunday working around the house.) I was even able to scratch off some things from my Procrastination List, which felt especially good.

One of those things was reading Lisa’s blog post. (I have so many blogs I would like to read regularly, and this is one of them.)

I bounced over to the post from her link on Facebook. (Can you guess which character I would be if I lived in the Hundred Acre Wood?)

I learned in my Western Though in Culture class back in Bible college that people really do process cognitive input differently. I know. I know. D’uh! Hey, I was only nineteen. The class was intense and so was my response to it. Deep thinking is good, but sometimes a lighter approach is easier to process.

This lighter approach is also much more freeing. If we accept how we’re hardwired – and realize others are wired differently – it goes a long way to accepting how they approach life.

When I say freeing, I don’t mean a live-and-let-live approach. After all, if you notice that I’m walking toward a cliff, I really would appreciate you pointing it out. If I choose to keep walking…well, that’s entirely up to me.

A.A. Milne’s characters truly are a study on how different individuals approach life. And if the cliff represents a new opportunity, being very Tigger-like, I figure, “No problem, I’ll bounce.” I am, after all, eclectically interested.

I’m only learning now, on the other side of fifty, that I won’t be able to do everything I want to in life. However, I’m still about bouncing off to try something new – while not letting go of the other things I enjoy.

How about you? Which character are you like? In what ways? And the people closest to you?

(Don’t forget to visit Lisa’s blog to learn more.)


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