May 27 ROW Check-in

Tasks accomplished…what a rush!

Build Business

Doula ~ looking to take on one to three new clients by the end of the year

Office Job ~ should hear about the Monday to Thursday position by Wednesday evening (Who needs sleep?)

Personal Trainer ~ I don’t plan to do anything with the certification at this point, but I passed the recert exam and just have to pay my annual fee and I’ll be good until June 2013, as long as I do my CPR recert in or before February.

Doula Certification Requirements

Everything’s in the mail. Whew! I’ll hear in the next four to six weeks if I’ve met the requirements. You’ll know the results come the next round. (Or you can listen for the hooting and hollering or loud sigh of exasperation. [grin])

Editing Goals

Editing Projects ~ forty-five page edit for a new client completed Friday/Saturday; another new-ish job has turned into a re-writing project (it’s fun to encourage new writers, but sometimes they need a little extra help); wrapping up one big project in time to start the next

Writing Projects ~ pitch needs a little tweaking; ghostwriting project has begun

Exercise & Fitness Goals

Eat better ~ Do baklava and gummies my son brought me from Japan count as eating better? Probably not.

Cardio ~ walked with exercise buddy twice last week

Resistance ~ twice; too tired tonight (Saturday) to do it a third time

Reading Goals

Reading to maintain my PTS certification ~ reading and exam DONE

Skills development ~ read a teeny tiny, itty bitty bit this week

Fiction ~ apologized to an author who’s PDF file I said I’d read and review; he said good-naturedly (I hope) he’ll have to track me down and beat me up


Externally imposed deadlines really light a fire under me; I’m often ahead of schedule. Anyone want to give me a deadline for x number of submissions?

Writing Goals

Blogging ~ spinning my wheels with my own blog a little; considering looking into guest blogging more regularly

Other writing ~ ROFL

ROW-specific Goals

~ visit ten fellow ROWers blogs per week (doin’ not too bad)


2 thoughts on “May 27 ROW Check-in

  1. Great job finishing up the DOULA cert, bet that is a huge relief. I’m pretty sure baklava counts as healthy (it has nuts in it), not sure about gummies but Mr. Wonka might say yes 🙂

    Really amazing the amount of things you’re able to accomplish in a week. Bravo to you. A submissions deadline, hmm, not really sure what you would consider “good” here but looking at your to-do list lets say 4 by the end of June. That’s one a week and should be doable.

    Have a fantastic week, Steph 🙂

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