May 30 ROW Check-in

Before I begin my official check-in, I want to tell you something you may not know…

I appreciate you…yes, YOU!

And now for those goals…

Editing ~ Just got started on a friend’s novel. Loving it!

More editing ~ Giving a manuscript the last read-through…and still finding things. Sigh!

Even more editing ~ An online contact “introduced” me to an author looking for an editor for her YA manuscript. I just love networking!

Rewriting ~ I’m rewriting a short story for a fairly new client.

Ghostwriting ~ My client would like the manuscript short and to the point. I like it!

Office Job ~ I’ll let you know the verdict come Sunday.

And submitting…If you read Sunday’s check-in, you’ll know I asked for an externally imposed deadline. Thanks to Gene Lempp, I have one. (Thanks, Gene!) I will submit at least four pieces by the end of June – an average of one per week; I can do that.

To end, I’ll leave you with this pun-liner…

Today, be sure to do the WRITE thing!


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