Walk, Run, Fly



Three women

Out for a walk…

Yes, I know…this guy’s running

But we don’t do that.

(Kudos to those who do!)

At any rate,

My To Do list is longer than ever


I’ve decided to exercise

Every morning.


If I don’t do it then

I won’t do it later.

But why bother at all?

I start the day

With a sense of accomplishment.

I think more clearly.

I eat better by default.

Who wants to workout then eat sweet cereal?

(That’s rhetorical, by the way.)

I also work more efficiently


I’m sure my clients will be glad to hear that.

Do I want to lose a little weight?

More than a little actually.

But that’s not my main focus.

Do I want to tone up?

Most “women of a certain age” do.

The walking…

That’s literal.

The running…

Not so much.

And the flying…

That’s completely figurative

Unless I go to see my son out west


Decide to take up

Skydiving or hang-gliding.


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