June 13 ROW Check-in

My “work week” is over and now it’s time to finish getting ready for the writers conference.

The biggest challenge … figuring out what my focus will be this year (besides reconnecting with some amazing friends) and preparing my “elevator pitch.”

Editing ~ I’ve edited the first chapter of my newest client’s YA novel. I really like it. That always makes the job easier.

Rewriting ~ I plan to get back at this after I return from the conference. My client is so understanding. He emailed me yesterday just to thank me for all I’m doing for him. Wow!

Ghostwriting ~ Chapter 2 was well received. I would like to get the first draft of Chapter 3 done before heading to bed tonight.

Reading ~ I had planned on doing pleasure reading on Sundays. So far, that hasn’t happened. Maybe this week.

ROWing ~ I will be sponsoring the next round. Hooray! I best get busy visiting some of you, my fellow ROWers.

Exercise ~ I haven’t had the motivation to get up and exercise first thing. If I don’t do so, it just doesn’t happen. I think I’ll back bedtime up by half an hour. Hopefully, that will help.

Doula Update ~ still waiting for my evaluation

Personal Training ~ I just have to fire off my annual fee and I’m good for another year. I don’t want to let my certification lapse. It think it dovetails nicely with being a birth doula. You never know what business venture I might embark on in the future.

Office Administrator ~ I’m loving my job. It is such a blessing learning the ropes in the summer when things are quieter.

Sunday’s Check-in will likely be overflowing with exciting news from the conference. Talk to you soon.


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