Write! Canada Conference

Got home yesterday from …

What a great time!

A special thanks to Denise Rumble, Managing Director of The Word Guild, to Les and N.J. Lindquist, and to Wendy Nelles.

There are so many others who worked together to make this weekend a success, I would be sure to miss more than I could name. (See the Write! Canada website for bios of the staff and faculty and for faculty interviews. There are several more volunteers, however, who are not listed.)

There was a lot of talk about teamwork over the past three days, and that’s what any great event is about.

Last year, I volunteered at the conference for the first time, and I promised myself I’d never go again without doing so. It is so amazing to be a part of the team.

Among other meetings, I attended Steve Laube’s continuing class and Thomas Umstattd Jr’s workshop. Thomas Froese took on the challenge of being the last keynote speaker. As the music leader said after his presentation, “Is it possible to be exhausted and thoroughly energized at the same time?” The answer seems to be yes.

I am so very thankful for the Cyber Age. I can follow friends and professional contacts throughout the year.

How about you? How are you taking advantage of the Internet to develop friendships and network with others in your profession or areas of interest?


4 thoughts on “Write! Canada Conference

  1. I echo your thanks, Stephanie. So many people worked so hard, and it showed. What a great conference!

    Using the internet to develop friendships and/or networks… Chatting online with you and Ginny Jaques, I’ve found kindred spirits. Love these sorts of friendships! I’m gaining a lot from blogs (personal and writing-related gains), and I’m looking forward to The Bestseller Society’s webinars. That’s where my 2 hours/week will be going for a while. I like how Facebook and Twitter let us share the links we’ve found helpful.

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