12 Reasons I Need a List

I’d be lost without my lists. Here’s why:

1. If it isn’t on a list, I may very well forget it – no matter how important it is.

2. I don’t have to juggle a mental To Do list. I have enough balls in the air already.

3. It gives me a chance to prioritize the many things calling for my attention.

4. From my list, I decide what to add to my Google Calendar and what alarms to set on my phone. (More and more, I’m realizing a smartphone would be a good idea. For now, my “dinosaur phone” serves the purpose.)

5. And just an aside re: Google Calendar. It’s SO easy to hit “recurring event” and the program does the work of filling it in across the board. If I’m going to make lists, I might as well enjoy myself. (grin)

6. If I take a close look at my list, I realize some very important things are getting neglected. I add them to the list and Poof! it’s harder to overlook them.

7. Though I’d say that spending time with family is a definite priority, it takes some serious planning to make it happen. Enter – the list.

8. A list properly set up can remind me of deadlines. Some projects come with an expiration date.

9. When reality hits – like being exhausted after eight hours in the office, for instance – I realize it’s time to revamp my list and keep the Best and the Better while relegating the Good to last place. The Unnecessary? That’s what the delete button is for.

10. I’m one of those people who don’t mind filling out forms. I can arrange my To Do list under headings and subheadings. I actually enjoy it. Who’s with me?

11. I must remember to add “Celebrate” to my list every now and then. There will always be more to do, but it’s important to do even a little happy dance when I cross something off my list.

12. That being said, I must examine my life. As long as I’m breathing, I will have a To Do list. It can’t all be about getting to the end of said list. For when that happens, I’m thinking so is this life.

On a lighter note . . . let’s make it a baker’s dozen.

13. I love my Procrastination List. It feels ten times better to cross off one thing that I’ve been neglecting than ten things from my regular To Do list.

One of my Facebook friends calls her To Do list a Get To list. I love her perspective, though I’m not be quite there yet.

Are you a list maker? Tell me why.


8 thoughts on “12 Reasons I Need a List

  1. I love lists, and crossing things off them… I still use a paper day planner so I can see what’s coming without turning the computer on (and thus getting distracted). But when I’m using the computer, Microsoft OneNote is my new best friend. Oh, the lists I can make in that!

    But I hate filling out forms. There’s never enough room for what I want to enter (even my name sometimes), or exactly the right option if it’s multiple choice. Some folks fear them because they’re afraid of making a mistake. I find them more irritating because I can’t do what I want in the restrictive format.

    Procrastination list. Now there’s something I need to try. Have a great day!

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