Join the Debate

There is quite a debate going on among four bloggers, two of whom I know.

They are discussing which book and movie endings they prefer. So far we’ve heard from Lisa Hall-Wilson, who likes realistic endings; from Melinda VanLone who prefers the happily ever after fairytale ending; and Marcy Kennedy-Saylor who likes to walk away feeling hopeful. Today we’re all invited over to Diane Capri’s blog. Diane prefers an ending that leaves several possibilities on the table.

While we’re invited to leave comments, the real fun will happen on Friday evening beginning at 5:00 p.m. EST. Pop by Twitter and use the hashtag #storyend to join the conversation/debate.

As the title of this blog site indicates, I’m eclectically-interested. The same goes for movies and books.

The following are examples of my wide range of tastes.

Open to Multiple Endings

Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer (I know a lot of people don’t like the series for various reasons, but I went along for the ride and quite enjoyed the books, especially the last instalment which I read twice, something I rarely do with a novel.)

Red starring Bruce Willis (Being “a woman of a certain age,” I thought this was fun and silly and motivating. Not to worry, I don’t plan to become a spy anytime soon. Read never. Realistic? Absolutely not! Happily ever after? Kind of. Hopeful? I’d say yes. Open ending? For sure.)

Hopeful Endings

otherworld by Erin E.M. Hatton (I’m kind of cheating here. I’m currently reading otherworld. Since I had a pretty good idea how it would end, I read the last few paragraphs. You know something? It is beautiful and definitely hopeful, and yes, it’s realistic as well. While I’m at it, I could add HEA, but not in the Disney sense.)

Sabrina starring Harrison Ford and Julia Ormond (I know. I know. Sappy. Sappy. Sappy. But hey, I like sappy from time to time. And yes, it probably belongs more under the HEA category, but I see a lot of hope in this movie: hope that the girl who lives over the garage can make it big; hope that the butler can get rich; hope that the player can smarten up; hope that the grumpy old executive can learn to really live. Yep, I guess I am kind of a sap.)

Happily Ever After Ending

Love Comes Softly by Janette Oke (The reason this book holds a special place on my shelf – and in my heart – is because it was the first Christian novel I ever read. In fact, I have a signed copy. It’s light. It’s sweet. And it introduced me to the ever-deepening world of Christian fiction.)

Enchanted starring Amy Adams (Sh, don’t tell, but even my hubby liked it. It’s just plain fun.)

Realistic Endings

The Host by Stephenie Meyer (minus the epilogue)

Freedom Writers starring Hilary Swank (probably my favourite movie ever) (I had a difficult time deciding which category this belonged in. However, as Lisa says, “Realistic doesn’t mean depressing.” If the ending fits, it can be hopeful or open ended, even HEA on occasion.)

So, how about you. Which kind of ending is your favourite? 


8 thoughts on “Join the Debate

      1. As I mentioned, my hubby loves “Enchanted.” I like it more because he does. To be fair, he also likes movies where stuff blows up. (grin)

        Thanks for stopping by, Laura. Come again anytime.

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