Guest Blogger Guidelines

Welcome to a new month! For my Canadian readers, I trust you had a wonder-filled Canada Day. For my American readers, I hope you have a joyous Independence Day celebration with family and friends.

I belong to a number of writers groups on Facebook and have put out a call for guest bloggers. (That goes for my readers as well, if you’re interested.)

I was asked about guidelines, so here they are:

1. Please feel free to write a post for any of the categories listed at the top of my blog. If you have another idea and you’re not sure it’s right for SNEI, just fire off an email (address below). After all, I am eclectically-interested and your post may fit in nicely.

2. My readers are used to short posts, but anything up to 1,000 words would be fine.

3. To avoid any legal issues, please include only graphics and videos if you hold the copyright.

4. Please keep the tone of your piece positive and encouraging.

5. Content may be edited slightly, but I’ll never change the meaning or voice of your piece.

6. While you may not share my faith, please keep in mind that my beliefs have bearing on everything I post.

Please email posts to with “Guest Blogger” in the subject line. I will look it over, schedule the publication date, and get back to you. If, for some reason, I don’t think it’s a good fit, I will get in touch and let you know why. You should hear from me within 48 hours either way.

Thanks so much in advance to all of you who consider guest blogging on Steph Nickel’s Eclectic Interests.


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