July 4 ROW Check-in

First of all . . . Happy Independence Day to all my American readers. I hope you have a wonderful day with family and friends.

And now, onto the first Wednesday check-in of Round 3.

(If you don’t know about A Round of Words in 80 Days, check it out.)


My focus will be primarily on getting back on track with my blogging schedule and working with my clients. I joined the Ultimate Blog Challenge and am using it as motivation to blog every day. I am working on two projects for clients, both of which I hope to have done before September rolls around.


My goal here is to complete my current projects for clients and any others I may take one. I’ll probably try not to overextend myself, being in the church office four days a week and all. I went through Chapter 1 of the children’s chapbook again last night and also did a little work on the other story as well.


I still plan to submit two works to paying markets each month. This will have to be a weekend project. I have every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off, but they fill up quickly.


I kick myself that this has slipped so far down my list of priorities.

During this round, I hope to finish Words from the Fire by Mohler and otherworld by Hatton. I also hope to read/finish two others, one fiction and one non-fiction (skills development). I’m already wondering about the wisdom of adding two additional books to my To Read list this round. If I complete one fiction and one non-fiction book, I think I’ll be doing well.


I have an assessment booked with a kinesiologist for Thursday. I’ll know better what my exercise goals should be after that. For now, walking three to six times per week and eating better will suffice.

ROW-specific Goals

Visit other ROWers sites every Sunday. I did so this week, but then again, we just started.

And again . . .



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