Tons of Tips

From Day 3 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge . . .

It was suggested that participants in the challenge blog about something they’re good at or are interested in and possibly, give a related tip. Sounds like fun and since I’m eclectically-interested, this may take a while.


I inherited my love of books from my mom. Though I have nothing against e-readers, I will likely always be surrounded by stacks of both fiction and non-fiction print books.

My advice to even the non-readers among you, find a book — or even a magazine article — about something that really interests you. I’m convinced just about anyone can learn to love reading.

And if you struggle with literacy, I encourage you to connect with someone who can help.


Any of us who write have to do a certain amount of editing.

As a freelance editor I’ve learned the best way to proceed is to go through the piece several times. If time permits, it’s great to start by reading through the entire work, changing nothing or just the things that stand out most predominately. Once that’s done, you’ll have a better idea what to focus on with each subsequent read-through: spelling errors, redundancies, run-on sentences, etc., etc., etc.


Faith is only third on the list because I chose to put headings in alphabetical order. My relationship with God through His Son, Jesus Christ, is central to all aspects of my life.

I encourage you to read the Scriptures with an open-mind, prayerfully seeking wisdom and understanding.

Family and Friends

Because I’m all about relationships, family and friends are very important to me. I once placed a sign over my computer that said, “If I don’t succeed as a wife and mother, I have not succeeded at all.” I could add “. . . a wife, mother, and friend . . .”

My number one piece of advice in this area would be to nurture your relationships.

Health and Fitness

I like nutritious food. I actually like to exercise and challenge this old body of mine. However, I have not made healthy living a high priority. That is slowly changing. I’ve joined a gym and am getting a full body assessment from a kinesiologist. I want to be as fit and healthy as I can be so I can pursue my many interests.

I’d encourage you to add one new healthy behaviour each week or two. Take baby steps if you need to, but take them in the right direction.

List Making

It may seem silly to add this to a list of interests, but I don’t know what I’d do without my lists.

If you haven’t tried it before, I encourage you to do so electronically, with paper and pencil, on a whiteboard, whatever works for you.

Office Administration

As you know if you’ve been following my blog for the last little while, I’m filling in for the office administrator at our church while she’s on maternity leave. It’s a great work environment and I’m enjoying it.

I encourage anyone working in an office to get up from time to time and walk around. Learn some stretches and some exercises you can do at your desk. All the repetitive motions can put a lot of strain on your muscles and cause them to really tense up.

Pregnancy and Childbirth

I’m waiting for my doula certification credentials to arrive in the mail. Yay! I will be attending a birth in August, my first as a CLD (certified labour doula).

I’ve promised myself when I no longer have to fight back tears at the arrival of a new life, I’ll walk away from this amazing “job.”

If you’re expecting, I would strongly encourage you to research all your options thoroughly, including the possibility of hiring a doula.

If you’re looking for an incredible career, consider becoming an antepartum, labour, or postpartum doula, a childbirth educator, or a lactation consultant. I’d like to do it all, but that’s not going to happen.

Relationship Building

Whether I’m hanging out with my family, grabbing coffee with a friend, or flitting around the social networks, it’s all about relationships. Professional networking is great, but it isn’t my number one priority.

Genuine. Authentic. Open. Honest. These are traits I highly value. I’ve been in sales and I know how they can suffer. Even in my business dealings, I seek to treat others with respect, and I expect the same from others.


This is one of my favourite things despite the fact that it falls at the end of the list. I remember writing poetry by candlelight as a child. (I still write poetry, just not all that frequently.) Like all areas of my life, my writing has an eclectic feel. When I read that a blog should have one focus, I sighed and shook my head. Graciously, Marcy said each of my posts had a single focus, so it’s okay. (Thank you, Marcy.)

So, whether you’re journaling just for you or writing the next runaway bestseller, the best advice I have for all the writers out there is to — wait for it — write. Yep, just write. (You can get to the editing and rewriting later.)


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