July 8 ROW Check-in

I love . . .


This post accomplishes two goals: 1) to put up my second Sunday check-in for Round 3 of A Round of Words and the fulfillment of Day 6 of the UBC. (If I hurry and get this online before midnight, I’ll only be one day behind on the Challenge.)

So, here’s how things are shaping up so far . . .


My focus will be primarily on getting back on track with my blogging schedule and working with my clients.

The folks at UBC are keeping me motivated to post 31 times this month, even if not every day.

I plan to spent a good many hours on my clients’ projects on Sunday.


My goal here is to complete my current projects for clients and any others I may take one.

I’m going to set some SMART goals for the projects I have on the go to keep me on track.


Already time to revise this goal. I will submit to two markets monthly. However, they may not be paying markets.


Spending less time on the social networks will mean more time for reading. We’ll have to see how that goes.


Assessment done. Training purchased. Gym visited. It was a good week.

ROW-specific Goals

Visit other ROWers sites every Sunday. On my To Do list.

My hubby and I went to see the live performance of How to Train Your Dragon on Saturday. It was spectacular, a.ma.zing, as they say.

So, here’s a writing prompt–just in case you need a jump start some day this week:

Choose your favourite movie, TV show, or play and write a new ending.


6 thoughts on “July 8 ROW Check-in

  1. I love getting two birds with one stone (like this blog post). It must be a help when you can do that, since you have a lot on your plate. Good luck with it!

    1. When I was training at the gym, one of my clients said we should change the figure of speech. Instead of killing two birds with one stone, we came up with feeding two birds with one seed. (grin)
      Thanks for stopping by again, Gloria. Very much appreciated!

  2. I’m catching up on fellow ROWers after realising that I’ve been a bit lax, but “How To Train Your Dragon” really stood out for me! I flipping love that film! Pictures on that link look incredible….I’m so jealous.

    1. My hubby and I haven’t gone to live theatre in forever. It was fun to splurge. After I watch the movie, I always wish dragons were real and I could have one as a pet. After the live performance, I felt the same way.

      Thanks for stopping by, Sarah. Come visit anytime.

      1. I love dragons too, I remember watching the movie for the first time last year and being hooked! My passion has been increased in China with them everywhere, including their name on my ankle now 😉
        A pleasure to stop by 🙂

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