Geek or Creative?

. . . or both?

Saturday’s prompt at the Ultimate Blog Challenge was to visit a retail site and see what popped into our head. I visited two: Think Geek and Etsy.

I went to Think Geek because I thought I might find some things my family would enjoy. And first on the clearance items was . . . a Star Trek pizza cutter. Seems I may just have to place an order.

It’s our second son’s  birthday this month and I think he’d enjoy both the Samurai sword chopsticks and the sword ice tray that freezes water or juice into the shapes of five different swords.

Yes, I definitely have a geeky family. I guess they come by it naturally. My dad and I used to watch Star Trek every weekend together. It’s one of my favourite childhood memories. My hubby was also a big Star Trek and Star Wars fan. Our offspring were bound to inherit our bent that way.

Did I feel at home on the Think Geek site? Not so much. There were more things there that weren’t my style than were. Mind you, I have to say I didn’t find anything that offended or troubled me terribly–though I am definitely not a fan of zombies.

What do I think of Think Geek as a retail site? I like the set up. The pages are a little busy, but the pictures are clear as is the related info. I didn’t place an order, so I can’t comment to the ease of the process, but I’m sure it’s pretty much like any similar site. If this is your kind of thing . . . you’ll probably want to pop by.

However, the Etsy site is definitely more reflective of how I would want to set up a retail site. Of course, my target audience would not be all the geeks and nerds in cyberspace. Etsy is artistic, creative, feminine–for the most part.

I’m not all about frills and bows, chiffon and lace, but there’s more to Etsy than that. There is an extensive list of categories at the left that lets visitors choose the things that do interest them (for example, art, bags and purses, books and zines).

I happened to click on the personalized prayer journals. They are incredibly cool, come in a wide variety of styles, and are very reasonably priced. And leather journals with handmade paper . . . I love them!

Yes, it’s definitely for a very different clientele, but alas, you don’t have to look far before you find zombies even here. After writing the previous sentence I noticed one of the categories, Geekery. I guess I was wrong about the clientele after all. Sigh!

Well, Before I fall asleep at my keyboard and begin dreaming of the undead, I’m headed upstairs to my air-conditioned room. Hopefully, my sleep with be peaceful with not a zombie in sight.

Before I go . . . let me ask you, “What site, if you don’t already have one, best reflects how you’d want to do business online? What do you like about the particular site you’ve chosen?” (Only G-rated links please. Thanks much!)

And just for fun, I have another question: Which do you consider yourself, a geek or a creative? And why?


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